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Quick-Question - CMS - hosting plan

I have a hosting problem, so basically I’ve bought this template - Zense - Creative HTML5 Responsive Website Template
As we can see it says CMS, and I would like to buy a hosting plan.

The issue is that I can only buy CMS hosting plan or more expensive ones ($16 per month or more) not a basic one ($12 per month), and this site will be used as a portfolio, service for my marketing agency - it won’t have any blogs or articles.
When I enter the designer of my website it shows me 5 CMS things/sub-sites, and the only 1 I will be using is “works” - Works - there will be no articles, no search bars.

The final question is: Do I have to buy CMS plan or is there a chance I can purchase the cheaper one? Because it’s going to be a really simple site - homepage, contact us, works (yea there will be a few clients like at least 8 with short case-study - and probably more in the future), services - and that’s it.

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Hey @webflow-guy123 welcome to the forum!

I’d your site contains any CMS collections and items then you will not be able to use the basic plan, only the CMS plan or higher.

You could potentially rework your design to not use those CMS items and instead use static pages. If you do that and then delete the collection, you could then purchase the basic plan.

Hope that helps! :grin:

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Ok thank you @Drew_Schafer , but I will for sure need this “work” tab where I will be adding more clients in the future - Works - so what do you think - will I be able to replace that with something static or since I will be adding more It will never be static?

Definitely possible without the CMS. Would take a bit more management, but definitely possible.

Essentially you would just add a new page (or copy) one for every new “Works” you add to your site. On the list page you would then have to add in an item to the list as well.

Hope that makes sense.

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Hey there!

You will need to purchase the CMS hosting plan if you want to have any Collections or “truly” dynamic content in your site.

As @Drew_Schafer said, creating a basic portfolio site with the functions you mentioned is definitely possible without that plan, but would take much more work. That being said, I believe the CMS plan would really be the best investment for you. Your website in itself is an investment for you, so it only makes sense for you to invest in the plan that is most beneficial to you. Having CMS capabilities will allow you to maintain the portfolio and client sections of your website much more easily.

If you’re having doubts on needing the CMS plan, take a look at the newly released 21 Day Portfolio challenge, released earlier this year by Webflow. This really shows how you can take a basic concept like a personal portfolio and supercharge it with content-management capabilities!

Let me know if you have any questions! :smiley:


Thank you guys, will stick with CMS :slight_smile: @TylerCourts @Drew_Schafer