Website for a new startup!

Hey guys!

So recently I had an idea for a cool [what I consider] a startup. :stuck_out_tongue: (mostly because I haven’t seen any other versions of this type of business).

In short this startup provides free professional looking inspirational wallpapers available to download for your lock screen. And you can request wallpapers for free as well. :relaxed:.

The site was built and is managed in Webflow without the CMS. It’s pretty minimal yet does all the needed functions. A lot of UX tests went into this to instruct the user in a simple manner how to save the wallpaper properly on iPhone.

Check out the desktop and mobile version and let me know what you think! Thanks!

Site on Webflow:


Hi there,

Looks very nice. :ok_hand:

The drag n’ drop thing is cool, but in it’s current state, the user has to load full sized images, and your page takes forever to load…
I’m sure there is a way to load thumbnails instead, and still get the full image when dragging to desktop.

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Cool website. I like the concept, and the simple execution. I really like the grainy wallpaper style.

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@Diarmuid_Sexton Thanks! :blush:

Nice idea and presentation.

Definitely a big issue with the loading times, especially when browsing from a mobile… There goes my data.

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@Laurent_Hayoz @JoeMillion

I tried to fix this problem by adding a Lightbox element for the wallpapers.

Does the website function better now?

Thanks for the feedback.

Hi @coolest_vlad,

I see you used different images for thumbnails and @x2 images for real size, which is good, but your thumbnails are still to heavy. (About 25Mo of images to load on the homepage)

Try to lower even more the size of the thumbnails.
You might want to use .jpg instead of .png as you don’t need transparency, right ?
Also you can adjust the quality of the export in Photoshop in order to get lighter images.

You could also use tools like or

Hope this helps !

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