A webtools library for you guys, please give your opinion :)

Hey there Webflow community <3
I need your point of vue / critics concerning my new webflow website : WebCantina.
Please feel free to say what’s wrong / what can be improve, etc…
If you like it, feel free to use it for you (lots of tools here !) and share it if possible :wink:

Here is my website : http://webcantina.co/

Have a nice day all,
See you soon !


So it’s a link to useful stuff ?

Neat loader.

Hi Revolution :slight_smile:
Not sure I understand what you mean, can you please explain :slight_smile: ?
Take care.

Not sure if I can explain in more detail :smile:

It’s a link page - made in Webflow.
Links to useful stuff.

The skateboarding guy. It was neat.

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Awesome! How did you realize the filter function? With interactions?

Hey Roland !
Yes indeed, with interactions :smile:

Not bad, the first thing that I notice is that many of the images are low resolution and look pixelated. I would source high quality images and render them at 2x for retina displays for all logos. Or make your own if they are not available. I’d also choose a background that is a bit more interesting, check out http://subtlepatterns.com

I also actually like the curved edges of the odoo link better than the square edges so maybe experiment with adding some radiused edges to all the links. I’d also add some shadow effects to the hover to add some depth.

Hello DFink.
Thank you a lot for your feedback.
I’ll see what I can do but do you know how to render images at 2x for retina displays ?
All of the images are low resolution right now because as light as possible (for a fast website)

Just double click the image and click the hi def image checkbox in the attributes box. You can also do it from the side panel. Generally if you upload a well compressed 2x image it won’t matter with speed for those kind of images. I use tinypng.com to compress Jpegs without losing quality.

Same here, http://tinypng.com or http://compressor.io for GIFS :smile:
Thank you for these tips, DFink, I appreciate a lot.
Take care.

I’m sorry DFink, I’m not able to see this option of high def image checkbox in the attributes box.
Don’t you think I need a pro plan for this ?
I’m only on personal plan right now

wow sorry DFink I feel so dumb… is this the “Hdpi” checkbox ?

Don’t forget to add Webflow under design as well :wink: can you tag it for multiple filters? :slight_smile: Great work!

Thank you Waldo.
I consider Webflow as a CMS more than a design tool, but thank you for the suggestion.
Take care :smile:

Truth be told, this webtools library is quite useful and I can quickly find the tools I need based on the basic category, especially for the image tools,I am now using Pixlr for image editing, TinyPng for compressing images, ShowMore for making videos and gifs.