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The Minimalists - One page Interaction site

Hey guys,

I love minimalism and the following website: is so nice and simple. It looks great and has such an interesting flow. So, I recreated it in webflow with a few changes!

Let me know your thoughts!

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Cool! The only problem with the webflow version is that I can’t scroll down on “About us”, “Our work” and “Our services”. Other then that, nicely done! :smile:

That’s odd! I can scroll on it just fine! Let me have a look!

It works fine here. I just checked again from all of my computers! The mobile version isn’t finished yet though.
Are you scrolling with a wheel? Try clicking the wheel in and move the mouse down or drag the scroller on the side down. Let me know if that works.

Hmm. I refreshed the page just now and everything works perfectly.

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Great concept and site! The hat graphic sits well within the colour theme and the interaction of each tab coming in is also nice. Clicking through (i.e. home > tab > return) is a really simple process which is a positive, great work!

Thanks for the comments man. It’s in early production right now. I will go over the code and structure more to make it responsive properly. Btw, I plan to make it publicly available in the discover section so people can edit and use it as they wish. But, the hat logo I’ll remove. - thats for me :slight_smile:

Great work :) Will you share a public link with us?

Thanks! And yes I will be sharing a link soon. There are just a few kinks I need to work out and things I want to change! Give me a few days! :smiley:

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I like it. I’m gonna take your idea - duplicate it - and run like the wind !

Seriously though… I do like it.

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I’ve fixed the bug on one of the section. They should all work flawlessly now!

Don’t forget to show some love if you like it by liking it :stuck_out_tongue:


By the way guys, I have turned on cloning so that you are able to use this design for yourselves.
By the way editing it might be a little tricky… Here is what you want to do:

  1. Select the section you want to change from the navigator. The section are titled correctly.
  2. In the transform panel kill whatever percentage you see. But remember the number as you’ll have to set it back to the same number when your done.

Ta da!


@thesergie … I took your advice. I put different colours in the quads. What do you think?

Hi @Hamzster, really nice site ! I like the colors on the quads better than the greyscale look… I guess it is preference though… good job !

Cheers, Dave

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Yeah like the colors better. Nice splash of personality. Good job! I would also make the cursor: pointer on those big clickable blocks.


I like it a lot. Always nice to see something refreshing - different.

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I can’t scroll on safari. I think this is due to them being a fixed div within the body. Most likely behind the div, the page is actually scrolling.

It scrolls fine in Safari. But, unfortunately, you have to click somewhere before it will work.

Just tried, still won’t scroll

I’ll have a look at it to check. Works for me. Is anyone else having the same problem?

Very cool! good job and nice use of interactions

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