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New Website on Quick Deadline

Hey everyone, I shared this newly created Real Estate site on twitter to show what can be done on a tight deadline with Webflow, I got some feedback from the guys @webflow and asked me to share on show & tell.

There are still a couple edits / updates to configure after export (as back-end is integrated) but the site is 99% complete front-end wise.

Anyway, I’m not usually a fan of showing my work, just because I feel like it can always be better / different, but with thanks to the encouraging feedback from the Webflow team, I thought I’d share, not as a reflection on me, but as a reflection on the power of this great and powerful web design tool.

Hope this helps / inspires some people on this great community:



@V_Man Great site! How did you build the configurator at the top?

Some of the background images are a little slow to load for me, not sure if you can reduce the quality/filesize to make them load quicker?

I think its very impressive. The only concern I have is the amount of visual noise. There is a lot going on with background images particularly the search panel/s on the background of the houses made with weather boards… It really throws your eyes off with the moire effect. I reckon a pass at decluttering/simplifying some elements/backgrounds would really help the user experience.

Fantastic work @V_Man

Hey guys, I appreciate the feedback, unfortunately I’m at the mercy of the client there. As much as we advised on simplicity, they were very adamant about bright colours and large array of bg imagery. If it were up to me, I would’ve very much simplified everything, I completely agree with you both.

The top search was made with interactions / click triggers.

More edits have been made since posting this. Its a working progress (backend) front-end was a real rush due to (again) the client.

So did you export this out to interface with IDX or a Wordpress site?

Did you do the parallax scroll with webflow or back-end?

Everything here is Webflow before any back-end & data connections / hookups have been made. I’ve actually made a few enhancements with webflow as well, since there was a little extra time while our server side and data crunching guys do their thing.

Great site. I would think about speeding up the hover interactions on the buttons maybe. They seem a little slow, but it’s not a huge deal. Great job!

How did you build the calculator? :slight_smile:

Ok that’s cool. Mind sharing how you did the parallax scrolling? I’ve beeeeeeeen trying to do that. :see_no_evil:

Wow, sorry guys, I didnt see these comments. Errrm… I’m not sure what the best way is to share what I did and how I did it. Give me some ideas, and I’ll do a post in my spare time. Parallax is actually really easy, so long as the image is large enough to cover the area without pixelating.

Hi @V_Man ! Real nice site, I am proud of you :slight_smile: One comment, I would take @rugged’s recommendation and check out the image sizes. I think these can be compressed significantly to .jpeg format and save precious load time :smile:

Take a look at this topic: Best Image Optimization Tools

Great job and keep up the good work :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

Many thanks, yeah I’m trying to find ways of minimizing load time always, especially with these large jpgs. I seem to struggle to find something that keeps quality while keeping file size low.

when you upload an image as a background image, you’ll see in the bottom right hand corner of your background options a value called “fixed” - By default it isn’t fixed, meaning it will scroll with the site. Change this to fixed by clicking the ‘tick’ icon and the image will now be fixed in its position, creating the parallax effect. depending on the image, you may also have to set the image to “cover”