My first web build & brand design for my new startup

Hey all,

I’m new to web design & development. This is my first roll of the dice.

It’s for my new startup which I hope to launch this year.

Really keen to see what ya’ll think of the design / brand / website.

Feel free to kick the tires,

Thanks all!


Super job…!!!

White text:
Just a small note. A block of white text on a dark background ain’t too easy on the eye. See if u can lessen it without much sacrifice on the design end.

Pricing table:
Also on the pricing page, maybe go even lighter on the pricing background.


Beige section (under the black section):
Maybe you wanna break up this section into smaller blocks (versus one long section of continuous info), alternate between the beige background you already have to white sections – again, it’s easier on the eye and read.

Login - what membership platform are you (gonna be) using?

Congrats on getting things to this stage!

Thank you for such a comprehensive answer!

I would really, really like to improve the backgrounds throughout they’re very monotonous… I agree!

I have no idea what membership platform I’ll be using yet. Any suggestions?

Thanks so much!


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Awesome website! I really enjoyed the animations. :slightly_smiling_face:

Some feedback below:

Maybe add a bottom beige border to the nav-bar, or a light-toned shadow? So there’s a clear distinction between the nav component and the section.

I felt that the background colour for the pricing table is not in-line with the overall colour scheme. You could add maybe one or both these colours, as displayed on your homepage.

Also, the content seems too cluttered (too close to each other) and too much white space on the sides. So you could make the columns wider and spread out the content.

Wishing you best for your startup. :+1:t4:

Thank you for the feedback, I agree with both points… I’ll try to make some changes!

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Great job @JTL. Wow for first time!

@JTL very good job - especially for your first site/business :+1: One piece of feedback is the way you blurred out the marketing section in the first plan:

It almost looks like something is broken in the design when I first looked at it. Maybe try greying out the section instead of blurring?

Also regarding adding the login functionality, you should check out

Great feedback, will remove blur!

Thanks dude.

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Thanks man!

Appreciate the kind words.