Webfont services (fonts.com etc.)


Does anybody has any experience regarding the workflow on how to best work with fonts from different services which are not compatible with webflow?

Workflow example:

  1. Do you first work with a font in webflow which comes close to the font you would like to actually use
  2. Export the website
  3. Open the exported site in a editor and add the font info manually
  4. Adjustment of font-sizes and other typographic values?

Any advice is appreciated!

Feedback to Webflow team: Webflow is an absolutely a great tool for prototyping. However, if I as a designer cannot work with the fonts which are needed for the project, than obviously something crucial is missing. I would understand if some small webfont service provider are not on the list but the big providers such as fonts.com or similar are a must.


Hi, so it appears font.com doesn’t give you the webfont files directly but rather is using a cloud system? Can you confirm that?

There was a discussion recently about such a service, namely typography.com.

Consecutively, the user added a request for support : Typography.com / Cloud.typography / Hoefler & Co. Support - Product feedback - Forum | Webflow

Can you read all this, come back with possibly more infos, and maybe voice your concerns in the Whishlist thread?


(just in case of, if you have the font files, you can add them to Webflow)

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Yes, fonts.com is cloud based and the fonts itself cannot be downloaded. So I guess, the process - unfortunately - goes as I have described it in my initial forum post.

I am kind of surprised that not too many webflow users seem to face this problem of not being able to use different webfont services. Is everyone just using Google Fonts and Typekit?


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Yes I’m very curious to have support for external font foundries like fonts.com and typography.com as well!

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