Using other web fonts

Is it possible to use other web fonts than Google and Typekit in Webflow? For example Cloud Typography (Gotham) and Avenir Next Pro (I have a web font license).

It would be great if this is possible now (or in the very near future). I use Gotham a lot in my projects and I’d like to use Avenir for my portfolio.


There are definitely plans to support,, and even custom fonts. The difficulty is each provider has a different preferred method of integrating with apps like Webflow. We’ll keep you guys updated as we consider different providers.


Thanks. Great to hear you are considering other web fonts. I understand the difficulty to implement this for every provider. In my opinion Cloud.typography is a very big one which should not be missing from your list. You can attract top designers with it when you have this feature.
For me this is the only limitation of Webflow for now, like I said I like to use Gotham and Avenir is also a favorite with designers. I’ve also used Macaw which lets you use system fonts.

There is at least one other thread on this here… I can’t wait for the shackles to come off once and others are supported. Even if they come one at a time since the implementation is different for each (sigh).

+1 for support for please!

Hoefler & co fonts are arguably the best webfonts out there – be great for webflow to add support…

+1 For especially as the don’t support downloading their fonts.

I would also love to know about support for and
The first one is great because the breadth of fonts available, the second known for their high quality fonts. Especially with your design minded product focus.

Keep it up!