How to use fonts from (Hoefler & Co.)

When going in to ‘production mode’ using’s web font service, the interface asks for a folder where the webfonts will live on the server:

If I upload a font to webflow I get a URL like:… etc etc, so I put that folder into the step 1.

In step 3, I get an instruction like this:

Clearly I can’t setup folders on the webflow hosting.

Does anybody know if or how this can be made possible?
Is it even possible to use fonts from with webflow?

Thanks for any advice

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Ok, don’t mind all the infos the site is giving you, just proceed to get the files, and upload them to Webflow. The site asks you questions for pre-setup, but you don’t care about that because Webflow will handle typography just fine with all the files. (I’m pretty sure…)

So get the various font formats, up them, refresh and you should be good to use the font.

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Hi @vincent

In the folder they ask me to upload there are 30 files (2 x eot files and the rest CSS files for of base64 encodings):

Webflow gives an error on trying to upload the CSS files. I think its Hoefler & Co. way of protecting their fonts – it looks like until webflow build support into the app, we’ll have to export webflow sites to use their fonts?

(thanks for your suggestion anyhow)

Hi again. With webflow, you need these formats:

I have hard time to understand how works because there’s no free font to test with…

It’s a cloud service, and it may be difficult if not impossible to use it with Webflow. Webflow has integrated 2 cloud typography services: Google Fonts and Typekit. Typekit could have been integrated manually but the font would have not appeared in the font list in the designer. I suspect even if you could manually set solution in Webflow you wouldnt get the font to appear in the font list.

So your options are: use a google font, or a typekit font, or get web font kits on fontsquirrel or

Thanks @vincent for your help. Looks like we’ll have to wait to see if the webflow guys can come up with anything in future…

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Can I ask why you want to use Is it because you already have an account, or because you’ve found a font there you really want to use?

I guess Webflow will embed services by popularity. Google font, which is free, and Typekit, which comes with any Adobe CC plan, just make sense, they’re super popular. I admit this is the first time I hear about

Is there any possibility you can get the font elsewhere?

Hi @vincent

It’s really because there is a font on there I want/need to use – it was chosen as a brand font for a client of mine. is the web font service made by hoefler & co. – a highly regarded type foundry (they make gotham, knockout, tungsten and a load of others).

Sure, there are ‘similar’ fonts out there but it’s in the same way there are similar cars to a Ferarri!

For now best option looks to be to use something with similar proportions while designing inside of webflow then export and host myself. Future changes to the site will probably be sporadic so I can do them manually to the exported site when needed so no real need to have to keep it in webflow with this one.

Thanks again for your help.

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Oh I won’t contradict your design choices (:

That said, there must be a way to licence the font as a downladable web kit, have you asked them?

Hello @matt50, @vincent .

Compatibility with was one of my first concerns and still is, so I am glad Matt already started a thread.

To expand:

Downloadable options
Vincent, they do not offer this downloadable for web fonts, as they are very, VERY, preoccupied with their webfonts being re-distributed. They have high prices for their fonts, which are considered first-class. Their webfont service is custom-made by them, and it is the only option available.

They are highly regarded in the design community, and their designs quite coveted, which is why they have such security measures. Since they do not offer low prices or free fonts,and only distribute their own designs (they are a design studio ), they are not as widely known as Typekit or Google Fonts, who aim to make many designs accessible.

However, within the niche of design, and especially premium design, they are regarded as among the best of the best.

It would be amazing if you found a way to be compatible with, as it would I believe place you in higher demand with premium brands and designers.

From Wikipedia

The company was founded in 1989, and created original typefaces on commission for Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, Harper’s Bazaar and The New York Times. H&Co remains heavily involved in editorial design, with recent commissions from Martha Stewart Living, The Wall Street Journal, Esquire, Wired and Condé Nast Portfolio as well as corporate typefaces created for Tiffany & Co., Nike, Inc., and Hewlett Packard. It has worked with a number of prominent institutions in New York City, including The United Nations, The Guggenheim Museum, The Whitney Museum, Lever House, Radio City Music Hall, and The New York Jets. Its Gotham typeface, because of its connection to New York City history, was selected in 2004 for the cornerstone of Freedom Tower, to be built on the site of the former World Trade Center.

The company’s work was profiled in The New York Times, Time, Esquire, Wallpaper, and Wired, as well as the design publications Baseline, Cap & Design, CreativePro, Communication Arts, Desktop, Eye, Design, Graphis Inc., I.D., Idea, IdN, Metropolis, Page, Print, Publish,and +81. H&Co’s work is part of the permanent collections of both the Smithsonian Institution and the Victoria & Albert Museum, and has been recognized by the American Institute of Graphic Arts and the National Design Awards.

Jonathan Hoefler was the recipient of the 2002 Prix Charles Peignot for outstanding contributions to typeface design. In 2006, Tobias Frere-Jones received the prestigious Gerrit Noordzij Prize, an award given by the Royal Academy of Art (The Hague) to honor innovations in type design. In 2009, they became the first typeface designers to be recognized by the National Design Awards.[8] Both Hoefler and Frere-Jones are regular speakers at international conferences. The company’s biography until its split stated, “Hoefler’s work has been exhibited internationally, and is included in the permanent collection of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum (Smithsonian Institution) in New York. In 2002, The Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI) presented Hoefler with its most prestigious award, the Prix Charles Peignot for outstanding contributions to type design. Hoefler and Frere-Jones’ collaboration has earned them profiles in The New York Times, Time, and Esquire.”

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Another vote for Webflow to somehow integrate with Hoefler’s typefaces. They are superb fonts and a worthwhile investment for the long run.

HOWEVER, has anyone investigated whether MonoType’s fonts can be integrated with webflow?


I definitely would love to see integration as well.

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Hi @vincent, they do not have downloadable webkits. they set up their own online web-font system / service to have strict control over piracy and sales, since their fonts are very premium and coveted even though not everyone can afford them.

If anyone has successfully implemented their fonts please share any tips and hurdles you had to overcome!

“Our fonts are so secure that our users can’t even use them!”

I’m joking of course, I’m very sensible about font licencing and piracy especially since font licences have become very affordable and solutions like Gfonts or Typekit bring incredible possibilities at a small cost, or no cost.

I don’t see an immediate solution here.

Could you post a request for support as a Whish List forum post so it doesn’t get lost? Thanks!



Haha, actually I had thoughts along similar lines at first @vincent. They keep a tight grip on everything.

Wishlist post here:

If anyone sees this and wants support for Cloud.Typography please go to the wishlist post and help!

So, even if their is no direct integration yet, maybe it can be done through html? Would that work well for the finished product, would it allow for viewing the fonts working as we work on the page’s design?

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