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Using fonts from different services

Is it possible to use fonts from these services in Webflow?

Absolutely. Provided you’re getting the right font files from both services, you can upload them in the Font tab of your Webflow projects’ dashboard.

Be aware of the difference between a desktop font (.ttf OR .otf file) and a webfont, who comes in a “kit” and requires several formats to address various borwsers, platforms and devices.

So you can’t just upload a ttf or otf to weblfow and expect it to work.

On FontSquirrel, for example:

Lastly, these sites propose to convert a desktop font in a web font kit. Don’t do it: it won’t do a good optimization job and you’re most likely breaching copyright.

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Love your support of Typekit, wondering if I can get the same level of support for Webtype ( They have more premium options for typography.

They don’t allow a download of a kit as far as I know, it’s Javascript embed just like Typekit.

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