Web-based font services and Hoefler&Co

This is referencing my previous 2015 post on the matter:

Cloud.typography / Hoefler & Co. Support

Does anyone know if cloud-based font services, such as Hoefler&Co.'s, are possible and manageable to use with Webflow in 2021?

Hoefler & Co. does offer a Webfont file option, however, their cloud-based font service is better, but I don’t think it would allow previewing, using, or styling fonts on the Webflow Designer.

Here’s their documentation: Fonts by Hoefler&Co.

I reached out and they did say web fonts should be compatible with most website platforms, but they did not address web design environments specifically.

Anyone here knows or has experience with this?


The custom code option from the previous thread (without being able to see the fonts in the Designer) or the more “traditional” method in an exported project are really the only two options here.

I’d be surprised if Webflow supported this specifically—unless they start executing custom page/project code in the Designer—but you can always throw support behind the following Wishlist item if you haven’t already (they even reference your previous thread directly):


I understand the reasoning behind the method (and Hoefler is no small fish in the industry) but thankfully the two workarounds above will work if a client is needing to use a specific Hoefler font.