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Webflowers not based in USA

Hey. calling all non-USA based users.

Would you like to be able to change the default country on the payment details of the checkout in Webflow commerce? Being based in Ireland it makes much more sense to be able to change this to Ireland from the USA but support told me they have not had this requested much, so I’m trying to get a few votes for the item on the wishlist as it really makes webflow awkward to use for me and it’s a strange thing not to be able to change as Webflow does so many good things.

If this sounds like something you’d like then please vote for the issue here

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I’m up for this feature

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Yea it’s a funny one because they do so much so simply & brilliantly, i suppose it’s v popular in the states so maybe not that many people have asked for this but it’s going to be important for users outside the USA.

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I thinkthis is not hard to do and will be very convenient for non-residents of the United States.

Can you paste the html of the billing country option? Maybe the complete form? I maybe can create a script that changes the default

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that would be great if you could, i can send you over a link to the site and you can take what you need from there?

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feel free to share your page :grin:


Sent you a DM - thanks.

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Yes, of course I want that. A convenient checkout experience is just as important.

I just got started with a multi-lingual checkout flow: quite disappointing so far. Hope I miss something: scouring the forums RN