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Default Billing country

Hey guys - have my first Webflow commerce site ready to go, the client will be only selling to Ireland which is fine for the shipping but i need the default billing country to be Ireland not united states - I cannot see a way to change this?

Hey @Shaneod,

I had the same issue but managed to get this working by adding this bit of custom code before the end of the body tag on the checkout page.

selectElement('country', 'GB')

function selectElement(id, valueToSelect) {    
let element = document.getElementById(id);
element.value = valueToSelect;

You’ll need to add an ID to the country select box called ‘country’ and also change ‘GB’ to ‘IE’. That will default the country to Ireland.


Hey Dan - thanks a million, i’ll give that a try! legend!

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Hi Dan,

This is what I’m looking to do to however when I add it to my site it glitches and appears to lose the delivery options. Please see my website below (please be aware this is a test site to confirm I can do this function) any help would be fantastic

Hey @Peter_Marshall,

The preview links appears to be broken so I’m assuming you’ve fixed it. If not, republish your link and I’ll see if I can help in any way.

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