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Webflow Billing Multi currency

So Webflow eCommerce has been with us for a year now, but STILL we don’t have a multi currency option in Webflow Billing.

I’m in the UK, and would love to set-up client billing but cannot whilst Webflow will only invoice in US$. Not only is an invoice in US$ useless to me and my clients, but we also suffer from additional international transaction fees.

I had naively assumed this would have been resolved with Webflow now working with Stripe on eCommerce. C’mon Webflow - there’s a big world out there!!


Hey @RugbyWebDesign

Go give this a vote on the wishlist!

The Webflow team is prioritizing the most popular items on the wishlist in order to release new features that users really want/need.

Thanks @donaldsv I tried but no luck. I don’t understand this vote feature. Sometimes it lets me vote multiple times, today I can’t vote at all.

Too be honest, I’m not convinced they take much notice of the votes. I get the feeling the Webflow teams prefer focusing on the more interesting/challenging visual stuff, rather than giving the user a solid foundation with the boring (but essential) basics.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Webflow, but I do find the lack of progress with basic fundamentals a frustration.