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Ability to Change Checkout Form Country Selector Pre Selected Option

Hi guys,

I’m a merchant in the UK and I have noticed that the Country Dropdown Selection Field is pre selected to the United States. This could cause a bit of friction with what I am expecting to be mostly UK based customers.

I would like the option on this field to change this. I have tried adding the Selected attribute to the div in the field settings but it says that this is a reserved value…

OR EVEN BETTER: Add a postcode lookup, and or auto detect the users location with a manual override option.

Thanks! @anonymon

Hey @JoeDigital

Here’s a recent answer about shipping countries.

This is definitely good and reasonable idea. The best thing to do is add it to the wishlist under Ecommerce. This will help the staff prioritize upcoming enhancements to the feature.

Almost two years later and this still seems to be an issue. Found an easy way to do this via jquery though:


Just store this as a script in the custom code section of the page.

Hi, is there anyway around this yet? A customer has just pointed out that they don’t want it defaulting to United States. I have tried the script above and I’ve named the select class and ID to address_country. Now instead of defaulting to Ireland as requested, the country just stays blank. Can anyone shed any light on this?