Customer needs, wishlists and other thoughts

Dear Webflow Team,

I forget how long we have been your customer now - let’s say a long time.

A couple of things have puzzled me of late and I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

There was an official Webflow response in one of the forums (I believe it was something E-Commerce related) to a feature request or postponement thereof that stated that since Webflow was a U.S. company, the U.S. was the obvious priority for Webflow.

Do you know what that does to the rest of us in the rest of the world? Paying customers that have supported your growth for all those years. And I strongly disagree with that statement to begin with. The moment you start taking people’s money from all over the world, you become an international company. Please don’t let your office space in the U.S. fool you: You are an international company and therefore you have responsibilities towards your customers in each and every country they are situated. In find it problematic to lure us in with an AMAZING tool and once we have committed to that tool, to your platform you make us feel, like we are second class customers. If that is the case and that is your policy (which you are entitled to) then please put up a disclaimer for all new international customers stating such: “Please be advised that we serve our U.S. customers first and then we tend to the needs of our international customers.” Again, you are entitled to that but it should be made sufficiently clear.

The fact that issues such as GDPR (Cookies for example) are not addressed immediately and automatically are a problem for many of us, surely you must realize this? I have also not seen a sufficiently visible disclaimer that your E-Commerce product may not have all the necessary features to customers outside the U.S. at this point in time. And I am not talking legal-talk. I am talking fairness-talk.

Another issue I wonder about is that of the wish list. What a wonderful idea that is in principle. But I can’t avoid noticing that some of the topics with a very high vote count and even higher frustration amongst your customers are those lagging behind, month after month after month.

I would like to foremost point to Multi Language Support, a request that was started in January of 2017.

The last official update by your team was in November 2019, over one year ago:

“Admin Response: From infrastructure improvements, to staffing up our team, we’re currently working through various initiatives that will enable us to create a foundation for multi-language sites. Though we can’t commit to any timeline, as a team we recognize how important building multi-language sites is to all of you.”

Do you understand how unsatisfactory that is from a communications standpoint? I am not a programmer. I know nothing about the challenges you may face with such an implementation and neither should I. But I do care about communication and being stringed along for many years. We commit to Webflow month after month. Why can’t you commit to a timeline?

Please be more direct, more forthcoming with information and thus more fair to us. We should not have to beg for information. It should be as automatic as your constant fixes and updates. We have the need to make informed decisions whether Webflow is the right platform for certain ideas and applications. Your form of communication (in examples like this) is crippling our ability to make any such decisions.

We have believed in your product for many years - please make us feel more heard by you.

Thank you,


Big Kudo’s for @Tobias .
The wish list is a joke.
Start listening to your userbase webflow.

Webflow is becoming a (pricy) start point. When one needs real life solutions you need to get additional services like usebasin, typeform, fnsweet, elf sight and so on.
Ohh, what did we get? Enterprise program. Is that your true destination?


You are absolutely right! The missing GDPR/DSGVO requirements and specifications alone are unfair. I really really want to use webflow as my daily working tool, i want to build websites for my customers with webflow but outside of the U.S. there are to many missing key features.

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I’m surprised no-one from Webflow has replied yet


Now that you mention it, I guess you are right. But then again, that’s kind of what I mean.

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I couldn’t agree more with what has been said. From my perspective, With all the love I have for Webflow, they are failing us, europeans, on the GDPR question and multilanguage key feature. I honestly do not understand why they came up with that entreprise program while so many other crucial features still are in backlog.

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Yes, the enterprise thing caught me totally off guard as well. It makes me feel like huge projects are being developed in the background, tying all their resources, so nothing is done about stuff that has been promised for a long time and which is essential to at least some of us. But that’s just the impression I get, which is exactly the point: We are left to wonder and speculate, because honest and straightforward communication does not appear to be a key feature.


unfortunately, Webflow doesn’t live here anymore