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What is your least favorite part of the web design process? :thinking:


I would have to say scope creep. But maybe that is more client management than design…


That’s definitely a tough one regardless.

Naming classes. I really, really dislike CSS.

CSS can be a total pain to work with. What are your strategies on powering through?

This makes me want to cry! I am a people pleaser and hate saying no, though that means my workload doubles on each project!

That’s not inherently bad, you just need to learn how to say “Yes, but…” instead.

Just because you like to please your clients by agreeing to things beyond the initial scope doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have to pay for them - either by extended development time and/or additional costs. Just make sure the scope is clearly defined at the start of a project and you have verbiage included in your contract to reflect changes.

Good question! I have a few methods to keep CSS under control, but the two most important so far for me is to create a style guide page as step number 1, and then create a master components page. I try to avoid subclasses for minor things like margins or padding in favor of pixel separators

I haven’t tried out the nested symbol feature yet but that might help when creating master components that may change from page to page such as heros or content blocks.

Writing in American English for my code and then having to write in English English when out and about.
color and colour always catch me out, I once spent well over an hour trying to figure out why my text colour wasn’t working while deep in a project, turned out I wrote colour and not color… and didn’t notice because it was spelt correctly.

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That is my problem too with scope creep. I hate to say no and love to please clients - and it sometimes causes a problem - because I need to make money too.

I like mikeyevin’s advice. :slight_smile:


How do you manage it all when your workload increases? Are you usually glad you said yes in the end or always end up regretting it?

Oh man, I hadn’t even considered the aspect English-English vs American-English when writing code!

Love this advice about setting up really clear and realistic boundaries that also make your client feel heard!

Let us know when you try out the nested symbol feature and if it makes a big difference in your workflow or not.

Lol, that’s one self centered issue :rofl:

did I miss an announcement? we can nest symbols now?

Check out what we shipped in Q1 here.

nested symbols are under the coming up next section. i am confused. did they already ship? i just tested it and got the normal error that symbols can not be nested in each other.

No, you’re right, It’s still underway. But when it does launch, we’d love to hear from y’all on how it works out (we will announce when it launches).

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cool :slight_smile: thanks for clarifying.

For me it’s the Webflow designer unfortunately. On small sites or landing pages it’s generally not a problem, but as soon as a site grows it frequently becomes unresponsive and unusable. This is destroying my workflow tbh. I raised this issue in the feedback section here.