A new open letter to Webflow

What is happening with Webflow?

I remember three years ago when I started using Webflow, and I was so impressed not only with everything it could do, but because it was a stable, predictable and reliable software, it always worked well.

100% of the time, it behaved as it was expected to behave.

Today I can’t say the same, everywhere there are bugs in the system, unexplainable things that make it almost impossible to work, or at least make you lose much of the magic.

A few days ago I reported a bug in which the application does not allow to duplicate classes, basically you have to delete it and create it from scratch. Forget about taking advantage of an existing class, now they have to create it again, from scratch.

Now I have a couple of days when I can’t copy a section from one page to another page, it just copies a completely different section. No matter what, I log out and log back in, refresh the browser, nothing works.

Not to mention that when I am uploading a small list of items, no more than 20, to the CMS, every 5 minutes I get a critical error and have to restart the software, not without first getting the silly message to send an email to Webflow with the error to be reviewed, I don’t know if anyone will ever see these CMS errors.

I report the problems, but they remain unsolved.

They say that’s the issue with startups that are successful and grow, they forget what once made them so spectacular and wonderful.

It’s not about how many new features you add every year to the application, it’s about reliability, predictability, and stability.

Is that what is happening to Webflow?

Did it lose its magic?


Yes, the pace at which disruptions are happening this year is intense.

However I think my main concern is not only the recent/current production system outages with forms and the Membership API, and the seemingly-daily appearance of new bugs in the designer and editor - it’s also the unclear roadmaps, and the features and functionality that were there yesterday but are gone today, with no warning.

I literally don’t know where the Webflow platform is headed.

An analogy that keeps coming up in our team discussions is that the experience is rather like being on a plane, with too much turbulence.

That would probably be ok, flying involves air, and air moves… so… slight turbulence is just part of the whole flying deal. But then you look out the window and see people working on the wings… while we’re in the air… and that’s just disconcerting.

Even that would probably be ok, if we knew what was happening, and why, and how long the turbulence will last, but the captain is silent. Not a peep, except occasionally after an incident is hopefully-maybe-over. Most of the time, that’s the only indication we have that anyone is actually in the cockpit.

It’s super uncomfortable, and I think it’s the absolutely the wrong approach.
I’d really like to see a lot more communication from the Webflow team, specifically;

Details of what’s happening, what’s unstable, and what’s being done. Should we hold on tight, or do we need to move all of our form handlers to Basin to save our clients? My team don’t know, and with zero information on what’s actually happening, how do we decide?

The current Webflow status page is nearly useless, and often doesn’t indicate outages until the day after they’ve occurred, so we can’t even tell if anyone knows that the system is failing.

Current open bugs
I submit bugs 3-4 times a week, and I’d guess that for at least 50% of them, I’m not the first one to contact support. But… there’s no public database, so there’s nowhere to go to check that, and find workarounds.

Hiding the bug database doesn’t make sense. Not only does it mean far slower resolutions for clients without the ability to find bug fixes and workarounds, but the support team takes a direct hit for that, because the same question is asked probably 20 times, on a slow day. That lack of visibility is expensive for everyone.

Logic, Memberships, and Multilingual are super exciting, but what is the planned feature set and roughly when? I actually have no idea. Mostly, my expectations are based on subtle hints, and guesses based on how my team would build it.

I don’t get it. The roadmap is one of the best marketing tools possible- if you tell me we’re aiming for Atlantis, and show me the route plan, I’m buying my ticket. But right not, I’m not entirely sure what city we’re landing in, or if I’m on the right plane to get there.

Components is a great example of why this is important to Webflow’s image, and to the community. In the forums, there is so much push-back on the transition from Symbols… and to be fair, Components is a little bit of an anomaly, like feathered mouse. We’re hoping it’s mid-evolution to something far more exciting and useful, like a feature-rich library of 3rd party drop-in “smart elements”. Now that’s a useful mutation.

@Oswaldo thanks for sharing your thoughts, I’d been meaning to sit down a reflect on whats happening also. Good share.

I do want to say that Webflow’s support team has been amazing. I get solid responses with clear details and excellent diagnostic instructions. Huge props to the support team. Without them, we would have had to abandon quite a few Webflow projects and choose other platforms instead.


I kinda have to agree with the above. Webflow used to be so enjoyable, and now every few days it seems something new pops up.

Components are my biggest issue. they are just so confusing! I even spent time with the dev team, but I don’t think they really understood my POV. To me, if you want to reuse layouts, use class/styles. If you want to reuse elements turn them into a Symbol. Having this ‘grey area’ of components and then wondering whether I am changing one (or all) seems pointless and a backward step. This week I noted the warning box “you are affecting x number of items that share this component” has vanished, making the confusing experience of Components far, far worse!!

My other gripe is Workspaces. I am now on around 20 Workspaces. Four are identically named ‘My Workspace’, I cannot remove myself from any, and my own workspace appears down at position #16. Yesterday I had a project Transferred to me, I got the client to use MY email, yet the transfer vanished. Eventually, I found the project inside another client’s Workspace!! I was fuming! How did it get there? I highlighted the lack of a default Workspace back in November, and we still are all suffering.

Have to agree, support team are great. But, I’m nervous of the direction of travel and the gut feeling that Webflow may have lost some of its shine. :frowning:



I’ve not really had issues like that.

Dunno what stuff you guys are flooding your pc with and extra add-ons and what not.

Ok…what a strange, condescending reply.

I hope this starts another shack-up like the letter from 2–3 years back.

I experienced the same copy bug this week. I’d copy a block, and then paste into a new page. What would appear instead? A duplicate of the block preceding the one I pasted under. I logged out, and even restarted my browser. Nada. The bug remained!

For years I’ve been clamoring for a way to not have to delete a class. Why can’t we duplicate a class on the spot and rename it?!

Ever try to manage a mid size media gallery? The painful process of adding one image at a time and the small thumbnails make it unbearable! Why not give us a really good way to manage these things?

How about a sensible way to manage classes for mid-level or beyond power users?!

What about making the d*mn pricing easier to understand. And don’t tell me it’s simple. I strategize for companies for a living and I’m dumbfounded at how complex the pricing is.

Should I go on?! Because I’d gladly take core improvements over memberships or logic flows. This other stuff means we’ll never see the improvements we need for making the layout and design of websites less of a pain in Webflow. I’d take that over CMS features because there are vastly, vastly superior CMSs on the market.


I too suffer the ‘paste section/div’ goto another page, paste, and see an entirely different section copied. Defo a bug.

Also, got to agree about making basic, core improvements to Webflow a priority over memberships or logic. I’m sure it’s more fulfilling to work on the new ‘fun’ stuff, but dozens of basic wishlist items really should be a priority in becoming part of the core experience of Webflow.

It’s a bit like a car manufacturer choosing to concentrate on amazing in-car audio, super accurate self-parking and collision avoidance systems, but leaving a really old gas-guzzling, high-emission and unreliable engine under the hood.

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