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Freedom of style handling and management

It’s almost impossible to use webflow for complex projects right now, because:

  • Style review, renaming and management is not easy and straightforward yet.
  • Class handling. Right now classes can not be combined freely like in CSS. For example I have to create and change each “classRed” on every single element I use it on, in every breakpoint. In CSS you only create it once and use it wherever you want.
  • Styles can not be duplicated or copied. I have to set every single parameter by hand, for every single class.
  • Responsive styles can still not be selected properly up the chain yet. See this topic for more info: Selecting classes up the chain while working in smaller breakpoints
  • I don’t know this one but can symbols be nested into each other?

A complex Project is one that includes multiple pages, each consisting of multiple different input forms, lists, buttons and various states for each element. All responsive of course.

Without freedom of style management Webflow can’t be used for more then the most basic sites that have a hero with text on it and 3 blobs below. As it is I am stuck with the pain of creating multiple artboards in sketch and have to change every single one if something changes. If Subform keeps it’s promises it will make the webflow designer obsolete. We will see on friday.

Please put some work into class and style management before you dazzle us again with fancy features, that do not help me in my day to day job. Thanks.


I agree with you Dee. I have run into this too and was wondering if I was doing something wrong. I am used to handcode everything giving me complete control. There many upsides to Webflow though making it difficult for me to choose.