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2 things I currently struggle with in Webflow

1. The lack of a resource library

Sometimes things can get messy and you have a surplus of imagery hidden in a Class that has an image attached to a background. Currently, unless i’m mistaken, there is no way of knowing, unless you hit export and look through the list of imagery being used and try to find where surplus image is manually.

2. Not being able to copy assets / pages between projects

I usually start my design process by developing a style guide with H1 tags, forms, buttons, colours etc (Like this style guide). I have to do this type of page manually each time i start a new project which is incredibly time consuming. The ability to copy this from one project to another would be awesome and save me so much time.

I’m not sure how either if any fit into the roadmap but they are two major things holding me back from investing heavily into the platform.

Lastly great work guys, keep it up, its an amazing tool!


Although there is a simple work around for problem 2. Just create a universal project that has your style guide and duplicate it for every new project that needs it. :slight_smile:

@tim, these are good suggestions, you will probably like what’s coming in the future related to these points :smile: About creating a universal style guide and using it as a basis for your starting point, that is a good idea. With Team Plans, you can select one of those “style guides” and use it as a site template, just like any other template you would use with Webflow.

Cheers, Dave

Never did thank you @cyberdave for the reply. Patiently waiting for a new update. My biggest bug bare at the moment is the ability to re order my pages. Makes prototyping a nightmare… Any sneak peak available? :smile:

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The ability to copy elements between projects would be very nice indeed.

However, I can see huge obstacles in providing that feature.

The most obvious being element naming conventions.

Could be a potential nightmare
or an incredible programmatic achievement

  • if this feature were added.

Certainly agree this could be a potential nightmare. Very nice feature to have though :smile: Let’s wait and see…

Is there a new feature list that we can see with estimated delivery dates @cyberdave ?

this would be super!

@tim, if you had not already noticed, with the new folders feature just added, you can re-order your pages, have you seen this? How is that working for you ?

@LvnLife, we do not yet have a feature list roadmap published online, but we will keep this under consideration :slight_smile:

Cheers, Dave :slight_smile:

Hahah hey Dave I Have more than noticed :smiley: It has really changed my working habits and increased my productivity 10 fold! I still have an exporting error here:

Exporting HTML with nested folders css/font/js linking issue

Any help with this would be much appreciated!