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My thought about our job as designers in Webflow

Future of webflow

Is it for us, the designers, or for our clients?

Webflow has made amazing improvements in 2016 and 2017. I believe it’s a good mix for us as designers and for our clients. And looking at the wishlist it’s a lot of great stuff coming. I just feel we, the customers of Webflow, is not thinking big enough. Let me give you a example of one wishlist item.
Cross site copy/paste, Nr 1 voted function : This is great, but does it really benefit our clients? How much faster do we have to make a website? I think making a website in 3 hours is pretty great :smiley:

Webflow as the world’s best booking/event/tourist service.

Multi language - cms gallery - Search - Different email settings for different forms - Payment

Opening up and making new possibilities in some areas can give webflow a whole new market that is huge. Its also an area that need great design and has a lot of money.
Some of the thing that can open up this options:

  • Giving us a possibility to make recurring events.
  • Form that can be connected to unique emails
  • Forms that can have unique automatic responses.
  • Forms that contains cms data.
  • Options to add date and time
  • Sorting options for events
  • Search function.
  • Payment abilities
  • max/min number of registrations
  • Multilanguage
  • Database and account login.

This also opens up a marked that is just a scam today. The city tourist sites. The options you have today is template based made with no love. If webflow can create a booking and multi language support it opens up a huge marked. Every city in the world would want to change if the sites are made with love and a little brand thinking.

The blog

More powerful Rich Text Block

One of the things I like about webflow is that you give the client little room to mess things up. We make the design and they have few options to change it. I have been thinking of one site where the client can choose between different cms layouts and can change the color and so on, but I have never bother to give that options. I think it will be to complicated for many.
What I would love to see instead is a Squarespace - Rich Text Block, where you can add images block, image galleries, center text, put in spacers and more. You can then choose where the client can use it or what functions it can use. I would give them much more freedom without messing the site up totally :smiley:

The “small” stuff

I recently answered a questionform about pagination. It sort of seem like webflow is uncertain if they should make that possible. And that amazes me, because we can’t with a straight face say to a client today that we can make their fully functional blog. That would be lying. And I also realised that giving us the options to paginate, I would make changes to 10 of my 14 sites I have made and on all 4 I’m working on now. That is 14 even more happy customers.
As a photographer I have a lot of people who wants portfolio sites. Masonry grid is also one of the reasons I don’t get clients or clients wants to use Squarespace. Actually I use Squarespace myself for my portfolio.

So this is what I wish for. A bigger picture and long term thinking. Webflow will definitely be the biggest website provider if not Adobe or another company comes and takes over. I think Webflow can be the standard, but we have to work together and put OUR clients first. Thats our job, solving problems for our clients. And webflow is trying to solve the problems we feel we have.

With love for this amazing community and the incredible work Webflow does. Thank you so much!



Even more important and true.

This is refreshing. Nice piece, thanks @krubens for putting things in perspective.

As I feel it, Webflow has a not-so-fast features pipe that guaranties quality development, and that’s a good sign. Also, features are added both on the designer’s side and the developer’s-business-hosting side. From now on, the whole industry is going to come up with sites builders on par with Webflow. It just makes sense. But not all of them will propose a platform taking care of hosting, billing, and ecosystem of templates, a network of designers and experts. I for one don’t want to go back at firing an FTP client for publishing and dealing with my servers. That time that I now spend designing and becoming better at what I do, definitively more attractive to clients.

I came for the Designer and I’ll stay for the environment.

On the smaller stuff:

I wouldn’t think that one second. They want it and they need it for themselves. (don’t you @jmw?) I think the reason why we don’t get features overnight is because a lot of things are refactored (re programmed) before each launch to guaranty the overall stability. And do we experience bugs? A very few, and they’re never persistent. So that’s a good sign.

I can say the same for multilanguage :wink:

Let’s push for support of CSS grid, it is time:


Thank you @vincent :slight_smile:

Lets hope so, and I think so myself :slight_smile:

I agree, rarely. I love that they are creating such a stable product. [quote=“vincent, post:2, topic:42929”]
Let’s push for support of CSS grid

Yes! Please!

Or we’re wrong and they laugh at us for waiting for the pager ;-p Pure evil.

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Everybody, come put some of your votes here!


(don’t you @jmw?)

Oh, yes, I definitely want pagination, and certainly realize that all of you want it too! My sense is that the survey was sent not to help us decide whether or not to build it, but to ensure that we fully understand the nature of the need and the various uses it would be put to.


Great post. Though the cross site copy and pasting is really important for many of my clients. When we have many sites deployed and need to make an upgrade to all of them it can be brutal rebuilding the same component in all the different projects…

I’m currently re-designing my own site and would love to bring the design over to all of my community example sites not sure it’s worth all the manual work.

Glad you’re thinking about your clients needs. It’s the right mentality to have.

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Any news on ccs-grid support?

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