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Webflow with wordpress software on same domain?

I am wanting to have webflow on my main domain.


But my site will also has several other installs of wordpress



These are setup on a different host since webflow does not offer the ability to access a server as such to install this.

To have webflow on my domain I have adjusted my CNAME and DNS-A records are pointing to the webflow.

How would I set this up?

Any help, thanks.

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Hi @andyjames, it is not possible to have a domain like:


But, you can create a CNAME record which would point to your blog on the other server with a URL like:

blog.mysite.com and point that at the IP address for the external server where you have the WP installation.

If you have multiple WP installations, you just install those in a subdirectory off the root of your external server, so that in the end, you would have something like:


I hope that helps, you can check your own DNS domain name provider and check with them, the instructions to add the CNAME record, but you do need to point the blog.mysite.com at the main IP address of your external server to get that to work.

When you setup WP installation on the external server, you configure the WP settings for each installation to point each individual installation root path such as:


I hope that helps, and maybe some others have better solution :smile:

p.s. Stay tuned for updates about this kind of WP blog/cms functionality in Webflow :slight_smile:

Cheers, Dave

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@cyberdave Blog/CMS . When, what, how, why! :sunny: Iā€™m currently converting 2 Themes in Wordpress!

Hi @gosselin07, I cannot give you an exact ETA yet for cms/blog related functionality, but as soon as we have more information, we will make announcements about it in the forum. Thanks, Dave