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Webflow with Wordpress on a subdomain?

Hi, guys. Hope you’re having a good start on the week.

I’m trying to find out how to combine Webflow and WooCommerce, I know it’s not possible perse, but please hear me out.

I was wondering if i could use Webflow to build my landingpage and subpages etc. and then a wordpress installation on a different server to run a WooCommerce store. The thing is the site I’m building depends on a WooCommerce extension, and I would like to avoid building the rest of the site in Wordpress.

So through DNS or something, do you know if I could install the wordpress installation on a subdomain, and have the Webflow site on the root domain? = Webflow = Wordpress

Any help is very much appreciated!


Hi @NikolajHaugaard, thanks for the good question.

At the moment it is not possible to point a page slug off the root domain at an external server from within Webflow.

So, is not possible yet.

What can be done is to create a subdomain using a CNAME record at the dns service who manages your domain, and create something like and point that at the WP installation. From the main webflow site, you could at least link to that from your main pages although the url will change to format.

I hope this helps.


Hi @cyberdave, thank you for the reply!

Okay, but I wouldn’t mind that at all as long as they can run on the same domain. Do you have a guide about the CNAME record and how to use it? I am a little in over my head here :slight_smile:

The site is currently hosted with GoDaddy. Here is a screenshot of the current settings:

So it’s possible to make visitors land on the webflow homepage, and from there I can link to the Wordpress installation, correct? :slight_smile: I really appreciate the help, this solves a lot of issues for me :slight_smile:

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