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Using our domain

Hi there

Is there an option to setup something like below to use our brand? pointing to

Hi, here is some information on setting up a custom domain with webflow.

Thanks Dave

I wish your earlier reply would work. Webflow doesn’t allow CNAME pointing by default.

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If you have the custom domain service on your account, then the CNAME works fine. In that case, once you have setup main domain like, you can add sub-domain to that, and the first one would be for “www” and THEN you would use the CNAME redirection from your original DNS provider.

I can tell you, that there will be some additional documentation in the help sections, about how to do things with the domain hosting, and perhaps build up a FAQ on this.


Thanks Dave

I wish it would work. Since we have our hosting in place I don’t see the point why Webflow has to charge to allow CNAME redirect.

Maybe on account level having one domain allowed to pass for a small fee is a better approach for Webflow.

That way we can create white label service and show clients domains like > > >

First, thanks for your feedback. There may other technical ramifications about how the proxy server works with CNAME direction to Webflow servers, however all feedback is evaluated and taken into consideration when platform development is carried out. I will make sure to share your feedback with the team.

It will better if webflow will just allow us to connect to our domain via FTP/SFTP from within Webflow. I don’t dig Webflow present implementation. Publishing site via FTP/SFTP is a “no-brainer” feature of publishing directly to ones custom domain (godaddy, etc) . Exporting the code, then publishing is not cool!