Webflow site and a Wordpress blog


Does anyone know how I can use my webflow hosted website on my root domain and on
‘/blog’ I can have my old wordpress blog. Is this possible? And if yes, then how?

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You could do this with a subdomain like blog.website.com for example, would that work? By setting up the Wordpress hosting to use that domain, you can then point the A record for ‘blog’ to your Wordpress server, and everything else to Webflow.

The blog already exists on the original host at a “/blog” directory. Could I use that somehow?

A redirect wouldn’t be effective, and a masked URL frame would be bad for SEO.
So I’m thinking maybe a CNAME record, but it can only point to the IP/domain of the wordpress server. So you’d then need to set a 301 redirect on it.

This seems really complicated and I don’t know what SEO implications it would have.
You should just move it to a subdomain if possible.

I would move it to a subdomain if I could but the issue is the blog is massive and already has alot of SEO working for it at the ‘/blog’ directoy. Can I don’t understand how to set up a 301 redirect. Or I I could just host the website at the other host but then I don’t know how to get the just the /blog page to show and the remaining wordpress site to not show (and webflow site to show on the root domain)