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Webflow Team - How's the major update coming along?

Hi guys… It’s been some time now since the announcement that a major upgrade to Webflow would be taking place… Haven’t really heard too much more about it so my curiosity begs me to ask: How’s that coming along ?

Understanding that Webflow is great as it is but to hear that it’s gonna be even better has my attention for sure and has me eagerly awaiting the new release…

Anything you can share on that subject without giving away any “suprises” ??

Thanks again for all your hard work and a wonderful design tool. Looking forward to an even BETTER Webflow in the future … Keep up the great work…


Hi @MikeDSr58, thanks for your post. I can understand the anticipation, we are eager to release new updates as soon as possible. We are working hard (practically 24/7) to making sure everything is ready and meets our high standards of quality assurance. We do not have an exact ETA date announced, but keep tuned. Good things coming soon :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave