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Did I miss the big news?

Hey there!

So the last day of 2014 there was this email from Webflow called “The Future of Webflow”.

This was the content:

However, we have yet to tell you the best news :slight_smile: We’ve been hard at work for the last 6 months on a new version of Webflow that will drastically change the world of web design and publishing. Everything you know and love about Webflow will stay the same, but our core vision for the product will finally be realized in 2015. I promise you that the upcoming update will blow you away. I can’t wait to show this to you guys.

I’m just wondering if I missed the update which change[s] the world of web design and publishing :wink:


Not yet my friend. We’re still hard at work. :hammer:


Hi thesergie

Any chance you could give us some indication (even a ballpark guess) when this will be released? Is 3rd quarter possible?



Maybe the Webflow team is following “Valve time” ( Or they could be following Blizzard by saying “it’ll come out when its done.”

In either case, its always best to be patient for quality work. :wink:

One example is popular music. It took about 8 years for Draft Punk to come out with a new album. Because of the time they put into it, the music will still sound good for decades.

If it means what I think it means then it’s totally worth the wait. Slightly more pressing for some people than an album release though because it could drastically change the way a lot of us do business, but I understand it’s hard to weigh that against not wanting to disappoint. Just think how many more posts like this there would be if the team had set and missed a specific date… Having said that, when’s it gonna be ready? :wink:

Totally understand, but its like valve putting a release date on half-life 3. If they miss it, the fans will only get more mad.

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Well unless you look at The Beatles - most of all their classic albums where done within 8 years. Just sayin’

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In either case, its always best to be patient for quality work. :wink:

Sure, but Webflow brought it up at the start of the year. Now complete silence on the topic whenever a customer deigns to ask about it. Seems a little arrogant to me if I’m honest.

I love webflow and I’m sure the new CMS or whatever it is will be great. Just don’t think it’s right they dangle a big fat carrot in front of everyone (the cynic in me almost thinks they did it to keep everyone subscribed) and then can’t be bothered to give updates after months have passed. I’ll be surprised if I’m the only one thinking this either.

Ok, rant over.

Thesergie / Webflow - care to respond?