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When will you drop the bomb?

Dear awesome webflow team,

Every time I log back in, you’ve developed more and more awesome stuff. Yay!

At the start of the year @callmevlad emailed a retrospective of the year and teased about what was to come…

We’ve been hard at work for the last 6 months on a new version of Webflow that will drastically change the world of web design and publishing. Everything you know and love about Webflow will stay the same, but our core vision for the product will finally be realized in 2015. I promise you that the upcoming update will blow you away. I can’t wait to show this to you guys. ~ Vlad

So it’s very nearly March and i’m dying to know when you might be announcing some form of publishing and/or blogging system. I’m desperate for a wordpress replacement as I love the flexibility of the Webflow builder and the speed of the page loading.

I know you guys are working your asses off and im constantly in awe of your ability to develop new features, respond to our feedback and build a marketplace. But it’s this one last thing, a publishing/blogging platform that (I feel) will take things to a whole new level.

Could you give us a hint, another little tease about what’s coming and maybe when?

… pretty please with a cherry on top.



Plus one! I regularly check for this new version - and haven’t seen anything yet. I am in the software industry so I totally appreciate that things happen and get delayed. What I’ve found is customers are very tolerant and patient - IF you keep them informed.

Please at least acknowledge that we weren’t dreaming when we saw that announcement (I’ve even gone back to the original email to make sure I didn’t imagine it). Give some kind of update that you’re still working on it / it got delayed til 2016, something, anything?


I think they probably don’t wan to reveal any time schedule because they don’t want to run on the possibility of disappointing users/customers if things aren’t kept within the set timeframe.
I’ll happily wait and perfectly fine not being told anything about it.