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When are we getting a real feature update in Webflow. It's almost 6months!

I just need to bore my irritation on how Webflow development is going. The last I heard was that “We are building a company” That to me is becoming like “Keep paying… when we have enough, we’ll release it”. This is the number one reason a lot of designers run away from subscription based tools like this. Not a single major feature have been release since the last major feature (folders).

My monthly subscription is not for building a company. It is for improving the tool for my own productivity! The tool! Someone need to remind the team that. Am I alone?


The new features, I think are highly anticipated by all of us! However, you have to signup or buy a product for what it is today not what you hope it will be tomorrow. In it’s current state, WF is a great tool to utilize in building sites. That said, new features would be exciting.

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Your monthly fee is to use what you signed up to use. It is not for improving anything. It is also definitely for building the team. How do you think the product keeping going?

You signed up knowing what you were getting. You don’t sign up for something to wait for the things you want in the future. That makes no sense at all.

In one sense i do agree… we’ve been told on a number of occasions that “we’re working on something that will blow your mind!” …but no hint as to what that is or when said minds will be blown. :smile:

The subscription fee doesn’t bother because I feel that Webflow is worth it (currently). But It would be nice that have a little more communication from the company as to what we can look forward to – To help us to keep paying the $$.


Don’t get me wrong guys. We all love Webflow. But in the software world, we all subscribe or purchase tools knowing so well the company will be around for a long time and development of the tool would not be abruptly terminated. The knowledge that the team is constantly improving on a software or releasing major updates, features, increase users confidence, and the willingness to continue to pay for it.

I have built great websites I wouldn’t have been able to do without Webflow. I have learnt a lot from the tool regarding modern css, HTML5, js. Nevertheless, we need to remind the team that we are here , like Oliver twist. We are asking for more.

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While I am with you in being a bit impatient about the new release, I also know that it is going to be a giant release. It’s not just going to be folders or something. This is most likely going to be a full 2.0 version. Think mac os9 to OSX. To completely change the platform like that, it takes time not only to make it, but also to make it right. I am willing to bet they already have a working prototype that they are now working out the kinks to and it will go to beta in the next couple of months. If you don’t like the current version, by all means put your subscription on hold and wait for the new release. I thought about it but then i got a bunch of work so I kept it going. I make the year’s cost in 25% of one website’s worth of pay so even though I am still trying to find new, steady work, it is still worth it.

I have been noticing a lot of strange bugs lately though that have been getting frustrating. Hopefully it will get smoother soon.

I don’t have an issue with the subscription… or it’s price.

I believe, the price is more than reasonable

  • especially consider the quality and value of the product they provide.

I pay for the service (what they deliver)…

  • not what they promise to deliver.

For me… if it takes 6 months or a year or whatever… to deliver an large update

  • then that’s just what it take.

There are several commonly requested features that crop up with regularity on this forum.
Seeing as some of us are paying good money for the service, and we get what we pay for - that is indisputable, nevertheless it would be good if the guys @webflow headquarters could share their feature development schedule. I don’t necessarily mean give us launch dates for features, but maybe a feature list in order of priority.
Smaller fixes and feature additions could be separated from major updates and releases.
There are a lot of fairly standard web features missing that would be great to have.

  • For me the inability to cut and paste components from one project to another really frustrates.
  • A larger media query would be just as handy.
  • Lack of an accordion widget is another, I know we can do that with interactions but that takes a while to set up and then we can’t copy it to another site etc etc is incredibly frustrating.

Just a little insight would do a lot for your customer service rep and may even stop some of us griping on.
Share with us a little of your plans so that we stick with your brilliant tool and don’t stray… :grin:

Seems DFink is in the know. So I keep my fingers crossed.

I don’t really know anything more than you guys. I just am deducing based on the email we got on new years and how busy the support team has been. They are obviously hard at work.

PixelAce: The problem with them creating a schedule is what if they don’t meet those deadlines? Wouldn’t you be even more pissed then than if they never said anything at all? If you are really going to stray that easily, then go ahead. No one is making you stick around. What if there was never another update? Can you find anything else that works as good even with its quirks?

This is uncharted territory. They are making this tool from scratch. I can’t even imagine how but somehow they are doing it and to demand a schedule to create magic is kind of crazy.

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