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What are you working on?

It would be nice to have an anticipation on what you’re working on to improve Webflow :blush:.
Cms, copy a page from one site to another, or what again …?
is it possible? :wink:

At the end of this page you have a bunch of “coming later” clues.

disclosure I’m not working for webflow at all

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It is somewhat disappointing that the Webflow team don’t make more announcements on what they are working on. This at least gives the designers an opportunity to make better decisions for specific client needs in terms of features and the like.

I’ve noticed with a lot of other SaaS products, those businesses regularly keep their users informed on what is happening with new developments, some even have video blog posts with the co-founders.

Would really appreciate some sort of feedback with whats in development.

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I have an opinion on that @Amreet_Gill

You sound disappointed, and I’m sure it’s because you’re very excited by Webflow, as I am, and you’d like more, and to know more… as I do too.

I’m a developer too, and a couple of my mobile apps have a very big user base. And users are very excited, very demanding, always asking for more and when they’ll got it. At first, we were answering, honestly answering, where we were going, and when to expect things. But development is hard, very hard, and the timeline is uncertain. and so, along the way, you realize, your best options are finally not what you thought they were. You have to make U turns, unexpected ones, you have to abandoned things, features, because they won’t help you to make an income, etc…

Along the way, you learn to keep things for yourself, because it’s just not possible to tell people what and when it will happen, also you don’t want to disappoint users.

You’ll notice most developer now act like this in the industry.

So you should work and think with what you have. Don’t tell your clients that this or that feature will come because it’s a promise you can keep. Develop with what exists now… thanksfuly with Webflow what exists now is already great.

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agree @vincent

I’m sure the Webflow team are working on some BIG improvements, but i would have preferred they focused on features that a deliverable on a short term basis, like the much requested accordion widget amongst others.

I do hope they have something in the pipeline for forms, that is such an important component of any site now days.

anyway…twiddling thumbs

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The reason why I asked this question is because I am really satisfied with this software :blush:,
I really think it’s the best around; but there are some important things that I would like to see done.
Many of these things have already been asked in your wishlist.
But just to know that a major update will come sooner or later would be great! :wink:

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A major upgrade of any financially sustainable software on this planet is coming sooner or later ツ

This rule does not apply to Half Life.