Webflow site not showing in Google search results


After launching our website on Webflow ~3 weeks ago and setting up our site in GSC (Google Search Console) our website shows in Google ONLY if searching for myria.us. If you search myria.us + <anything else> nothing shows (i.e. myria.us marketplace shows 0 results. Searching myria shows no results for us on any pages). In addition, if you search site:myria.us results are shown.

It may be worth noting, that prior to being on Webflow, our website was a React website. We moved from this solution to fix our SEO issue, however, moving to Webflow seems to have not helped.

Our website is https://myria.us.

Our sitemap can be found at https://www.myria.us/sitemap.xml.

I find this odd as we have taken all the correct steps mentioned in the documentation.
We have a domain name from GoDaddy.

The issue with Google, I believe, is the redirects. GSC continues to say:

Page with redirect
These pages aren’t indexed or served on Google

In Webflow, the default domain is the www out of necessity. We cannot use the non www domain.
In GSC our property is a “domain property” with the bare url myria.us. Today we removed the canonical domain from Webflow in hopes this may resolve the issue. Previously, the canonical url was https://www.myria.us.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Here is my site: Link

Your pages are redirecting because the site you’ve submitted for indexing is https://myria.us without the www.

Most likely, you submitted the site as https://myria.us and/or, you submitted the sitemap before setting the www version as the default domain in Webflow site settings.

Re-submit your sitemap as https://www.myria.us/sitemap.xml, and it should pick up the correct non-redirecting URLs to index.

Thanks so much for responding :slight_smile:

you submitted the site as https://myria.us

Is this referring to the name of the ‘property’ in GSC? To my knowledge, this is the only place that does not have www. Should we create a new property as a URL prefix property with the https://www.myria.us? Does that matter?

Re-submit your sitemap as https://www.myria.us/sitemap.xml

We have done this a week or so ago.

However, you will see in the screenshot that we had 2 sitemaps. We just removed the non www one. Could the conflicting sitemaps have been the issue of us not showing in Google?

Thanks again for your response. I greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:

In GSC, the www.myria.us property is different from the myria.us property.

The best way to do this today is to create a Domain Property instead, it will collect all of the stats from both into one place.


Thank you for your time and patience.

We did end up creating the domain property in GSC as you mentioned. Fingers crossed this and removing the old non www sitemap will work.

Will post back here if we are still having issue.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, we are still having issues not showing :frowning:

@memetican do you have any other tips or suggestions we may have missed?

Hi Keegan, I cannot see your search console to diagnose anything.
I do SEO work though, I’ll PM you with details.

Hi, could you share any tips that resulted about this, I think I’m going through the same thing.