Website and sitemap don't appear in Google search

Dear Webflow expert,

I am new on webflow and i try to design a website for my NGO and my small entreprise .

Since the end of December 2022. I have followed the different steps for the SEO on my ready-only website bellow, but:
(1-) Website doesn’t appear in google search,
(2-) The second appear but don’t have the sitemap.

Google search: Google Site Verification ID → Ok
Sitemap: auto generate sitemap → Ok
Global Canonical Tag URL → Ok, i have added: - Is it correct or do i have to add www?

Have I missed something?

Please could you guide me with a step by step process or another other step i have to apply !

Thank you in advance

Here is my site Read-Only: [****]

1- (Webflow - Action for Africa)

2- Webflow - Strategyks

Your site (home page) is in Google’s index. See below.

With Webflow is is best to use WWW as the default on custom domains.

Hi Jeff S,

Thank you for your reply, i appreciate

In the Publishing section i have already set as default, below a screenshot. However, since December 2022 there is no sitemap for this Url ? Please How long do i have to wait for a sitemap?

Please could you guide me with the 2nd website? It does not appear in google search, i have the same settings , though

Ready-only link

It’s there. Double check your settings in GSC. It is worth noting that Google can crawl a site just fine if it has good information architecture.

I have no idea what the domain is. Maybe then I could take a look.

If you need SEO services that is something I do extremely well. Just DM me.

Hi Jeff S

Thank you for your reply

(1) The second website is the 2nd ready-only link on the message:

I did the same on Google search console but nothing on the google search page

(2) I made a screenshot, i think certain pages are not indexed

**I will also DM you soon …


That sites home page is in the index. If you want more pages in then get some decent links for starters.

Yannick, it can take months sometimes for Google to decide to index your site. Essentially it treats your information as untrusted and not search-worthy unless you it’s well SEO’d and well structured, ideally with good backlinks.

Highly recommend you talk to Jeff about SEO, he will get your site to a good cruising altitude much faster.

Hi Jeff S

Thank you for your quick reply , I will contact you for the others URL and SEO of this website.

However , could you please tell me why the website below isn’t in the Google search

In the Google search console ,

Thanks and regards

Hi @memetican ,

Thank you for your reply

You are right , but I think it was perhaps my mistake, I added a URL prefix property instead of domain property for this link in the Google search console. I didn’t know what was the best to put.

Sure I will take a SEO service , to have a better rank for the pages and others , it is something I can’t do by myself. However in first it was recommended by webflow to add in the Google search console the domain . This is why I did it first


No problem, create a new property. It will make your life easier.

@memetican Thanks you for your answer, i will create with domain property !

Then Do i have to delete the previous one?


Hi There,

I tried to add another property for the domain as “domain property” but i have the following error (screenshot below)


Follow the instructions from Google to verify ownership. The Learn more link has the answers.

Hi @webdev ,

I think i will keep the url-prefix property https:// on the google search i don’t want to create more issues.

I don’t know if i have to delete url prefix domain after adding domain property.

However i don’t really know why the website isn’t listed in google search ; i have the same settings for the 2 websites , i check in google search everything is ok . But One is visible and the other not.


@Yanntop - Lorem ipsum content is an indicator of poor quality to Google. Your site should not be using placeholder content if you are expecting it to be search friendly.

Hi @webdev

You are right, i was editing the site content so i keep the website live .

I will change the content tomorrow and all the meta description in order to improve it .

I have sent you a Direct message…


If I am undertsanding you correctly, you are asking why doesn’t the www and non-www version of your site appear in Google Search. Is that right?

Google will choose one of those for search results. So the if the non-www version is canonicalised to the www version this is saying “please use the www version in search results”.

You don’t really want to be getting search results for both anyway, as you would be competing with yourself which is no use at all…