Page not getting Indexed

Apologies if this is a recurrent Topic.

I have had a website on Webflow for about 2 months (link: which has some traffic as shown by GA4 (about 10 users per day).

I have a proper sitemap (automatic), robots.txt and submitted the page for indexing several times through verifying the property with a google ID and DNS property.

Neither google or bing has managed to index the page.

Any suggestions?

Generally all you can do is the basics;

  • Setup GSC
  • Submit your sitemap.xml there
  • Wait, and watch for any errors

Assuming that’s all green-lights, you should actively promote it on other sites and services to increase its credibility, that will be essential for your long-game SEO.

In particular, because you’re playing with robots.txt, if you ever had the setting incorrect, and Google indexed those incorrect settings ( like Disallow: / ), then you have to find that setting in GSC and re-request Google specifically to recheck robots.txt.

Curiously bing gives the following error. But yes, it might just be a case of waiting.

Robots.txt was created, sitemap.xml was submitted and GSC has been setup for a week.

We’ll see…

A week is nothing, I’ve seen between 2 and 6 months before Google shows good indexing results. That seems to be faster if you’re also doing adwords.

Check that Bing error though, you may have something misconfigured.

Hey @memetican, bumping as the page has been online for 6 months and is still not indexed. I had submitted the sitemap to google, requested indexing but still nothing… it has traffic too on google analytics!


  1. Check for any error in GSC that you need to fix, especially manual actions against the domain. It will tell you if there are any issues.
  2. Verify that GSC has seen the sitemap and pages, but not indexed them. You should see that it “sees” about 40 pages.

If those check out, than the problem is that your signal strength is low. Google is much pickier now about what sites it indexes, it wants to see good SEO, good activity with new pages added regularly, and lots of good backlinks from good sources.

Without those signals of useful, valuable content, it won’t index.

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