Page not getting Indexed

Apologies if this is a recurrent Topic.

I have had a website on Webflow for about 2 months (link: which has some traffic as shown by GA4 (about 10 users per day).

I have a proper sitemap (automatic), robots.txt and submitted the page for indexing several times through verifying the property with a google ID and DNS property.

Neither google or bing has managed to index the page.

Any suggestions?

Generally all you can do is the basics;

  • Setup GSC
  • Submit your sitemap.xml there
  • Wait, and watch for any errors

Assuming that’s all green-lights, you should actively promote it on other sites and services to increase its credibility, that will be essential for your long-game SEO.

In particular, because you’re playing with robots.txt, if you ever had the setting incorrect, and Google indexed those incorrect settings ( like Disallow: / ), then you have to find that setting in GSC and re-request Google specifically to recheck robots.txt.

Curiously bing gives the following error. But yes, it might just be a case of waiting.

Robots.txt was created, sitemap.xml was submitted and GSC has been setup for a week.

We’ll see…

A week is nothing, I’ve seen between 2 and 6 months before Google shows good indexing results. That seems to be faster if you’re also doing adwords.

Check that Bing error though, you may have something misconfigured.