Using root domain rather than www. causing issues in Google Search Console


I recently switched from WordPress (GoDaddy) to Webflow (CloudFlare) and since launching the Webflow site on www. (the previous site was on the root domain) I am not seeing any traffic in our Google search console. You can see the image below where the traffic dropped after we made the switch.

When I entered the property with www. before it in Google Search, it has begun to collect data.

I have tried to follow the instructions on Webflow to use Root domain as default, but it doesnt seem to work. I just get the below errors:

It would be nice to keep using root so that I don’t have to rebuild all my search data. This hasn’t appeared to have impacted traffic or SEO in any way, other than what is being shown in Google Search.

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Your GSC property is probably defined to track only, and is ignoring

I’d recreate the GSC property as a “domain property” so that it tracks both.

my domain property is on GSC as well as the www. the domain property. the screenshot I shared was the domain property after i moved to web flow.

Do you know what I mean by a “domain property”? It’s a different setup in GSC, and should track all of your subdomains together as one property. You wouldn’t have a separate www. property.

Obv I can’t see your GSC setup, but it sounds like you have two site-specific properties.

Also your first screenshot can’t be GSC(?) it contains page views and view durations. Most likely it’s Google Analytics; that’s a different thing, which involves a code embed in your site. You probably forgot to add that in site level code and aren’t tracking any hits as a result.