Webflow site is FUBAR, need help

Hi guys,

Every time I update my site, it gets worse. I have an EXTREMELY simple layout for the site, but copy and paste for text no longer works in some places, and I simply can’t type in others.

This happens for all of my sites but the site in question at the moment is http://www.Glycon3D.com.

See the big blocks of text? I can’t edit those, or when I can it mass copy + pastes text all over the place.

I tried to add a background video and now the entire site is messed up. Undo no longer works, and the changes appear to be saved every time I quit.

My site is completely unusable now on the Webflow side, so I can’t update the public site.

Again, I cannot actually update my site without making it worse, so right now the site hasn’t been updated in months. I have tried this in Chrome and Firefox on Mac and Windows, Safari on Mac, Edge on Windows.

Is there some way I can roll back the site or even just start over? This is horrible, and has caused massive problems for my business.

Thank you,
-Chilton Webb

I have made a video showing the problems, but I am not trying to shame anyone at Webflow, so I wil lbe happy to send it to webflow themselves if they want.

The Webflow team does watch here occasionally for issues but isn’t active, you might get a better result sending it to support for feedback.

As a community member, I can’t really guess whether you’re using it in a way that’s causing you HTML issues ( e.g. positioning and z-index issues ) or whether you’re having designer issues ( might be a browser add-on conflict? ).

Without a video showcasing the issues or a read-only link so folks here in the community can take a closer look, it’s going to be tough to say what the issue is. I wouldn’t worry too much about anyone feeling “shame” at Webflow — most of the folks responding here are users like yourself and the goal is to get the site working as you’d expected.

As @memetican said, it could be an issue with the Designer due to your browser environment (ex: conflicting extension/add-on) so I’d recommend you rule that out by opening the project in an incognito window (with all extensions/add-ons disabled) and let us know if that fixes your issues. If that doesn’t work, feel free to include that video and/or a read-only link with instructions on how to reproduce the problem and I’d be happy to take a peek.

Thanks guys, I’m going to break the problem into separate videos.
This is the first and most urgent. I can’t copy and paste with consistent results. 10% of the time it will work. The remaining 90% is split between pastes MASSIVE amounts of text or does NOT let me paste at all.


Here’s a video of problem #2.

The background video doesn’t seem to want to play. Do I need to bite the bullet and just publish it, to see if it works?

I tried changing the order of some things there and it got worse.
I’m rebuilding that front page from scratch.

… and it just did it again with my latest changes. Holy crap this is frustrating.