Simple text boxes won't let me add text again

Surely I’m not the only person with this problem! I deleted everything on the page and only added a few sections and containers. Already, I can’t overwrite existing text.

What is going on?!?


Please share your read-only link if you would like further troubleshooting help.

Absolutely. I’m not sure how helpful it will be, since the problem happens when I edit the page.
But here’s that read only link…


Hey just want to let you know I can edit it on my end.

The issue isn’t editing it, it’s being able to edit it reliably. Changing all of the text is easy. Changing some of the text results in weird behaviors, as seen in the video.

And that’s the problem I have. I believe for now, I will edit all text in a local text editor and paste it in. It’s just frustrating considering how much money I have invested in this platform, to see something as simple as text editing not working.


I see your point, just wanted to point out I am not experiencing the same issues as what the video show, it could be because you changed the text since you posted.

If you can re-enact the problem then maybe we could figure out whether its an actual platform bug and flag it to Webflow. No platforms are perfect. They are also constantly trying to evolve and improve, just my two cents.

This has been happening for two years. It is inconsistent though. Recently I started making a log of all of the Webflow problems I’m having.

BTW I was able to solve the main bug in this case, with regard to the top graphic. If I set too many parts of my page to flex, it sets the BODY to flex, then background videos don’t work, among other things.

Anyway, here’s probably the same bug, but I’m approaching it differently. This one was based on copy and paste. The undo system died with this, so as I was doing this, there was no undo history.