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Text Not Pasting when I Copy/Paste, or text doesn't type

I have been having an issue lately when I try to copy/paste or type text into certain fields… I saw a similar issue was created in the forums on Dec 2017… but no one responded to that… this feels like a BAD annoying bug to me.

Here’s the page in question… however it could work fine for you for reasons i know not.

open Pages Tab: Navigate to “Platinum interior Living Quarters…” and then scroll down to Styles tab below.

I just know that when I try to copy and paste text from the “SOFT WALL (Avery Saddle)” in the left div and try to past it into the next section to the right of it… it doesn’t paste. I also have random issues of not being able to type into certain places or if I paste… the text doesn’t show up unless I do a total refresh of the site. Would love to hear if anyone is having similar issues… this is in Chrome. Tried it in safari with the same issue. Can anyone confirm I’m not crazy?

Ok, so I was messing around in the read only link and found that if I deleted all the text in the text box, and re-wrote it and then tried to paste the text that it appears to have fixed the copy paste problem… BUT… why do I have to do that? What’s causing the problem for me to have to delete everything in the text field for it to work again…? Anyone know? It’s like there’s some weird invisible code in the text field that is preventing the text from being copied and pasted or something…

Hi, @Bodwa!

My name is Ben and I’m happy to help you with this issue!

First things first, this site you are working on is gorgeous! Love it!

I opened the preview link and I couldn’t reproduce on this end. See this GIF:

There are a few factors which could cause this.

Can you please test the following on your end:

(1) Try to copy and paste while being logged into Webflow using Incognito mode with browser extensions turned off:

(2)Could you please let me know what browser version you’re using by sending me your information from this page?

I’ll be looking forward to your response so I can help you solve this issue!

Hey @rileyrichter! Thanks for helping me try and get to the bottom fo this. And thanks for your kind words about the site. I worked for these guys 12 years ago, and they finally realize after 12 years that their site has been lame. Thanks to webflow I’m really making some cool things happen for them.

Ok… so the method you did does work correctly… however… Ive attached a gif to further show you an extra detail to what’s going on.

First, I tried incognito Mode in Chrome. No change, same problem.

Browser version for Chrome: v71
Browser version for safari: Safari 12

The problem happens with either browser. I will try updating chrome to 72… but I don’t think that will fix the issue…

So here’s what happens… if I copy and paste like you did. Everything checks out dandy. BUT here’s the weird thing… when I enter text in between the parethesis, and then try to copy and paste, you will see weird things start to happen. hopefully you may be able to reproduce this with this extra info. Like I said… it’s almost like there’s some hidden code that’s preventing the copy and paste. because if I delete all the text in the text box and then try again, it works fine. Looking forward to your thoughts :slight_smile:

Can’t upload a gif. Here’s a Droplr link to my example:

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Hi, @Bodwa! Thanks for following up on this. All this information is very helpful. I’m investigating this and I have a quick question. The text that you’re copying from, did it originate in another program? Did you copy and paste it in, or did you type it yourself?

And I love that you’re getting to turn their site into something awesome using Webflow! Strong work!

Thanks again @rileyrichter. I am pretty sure I didn’t copy something from anywhere else… there is a 1% chance I may have copied and pasted from the old website… but I just don’t remember.

Hopefully that helps. Bless you!

No worries @Bodwa , I’m so glad to help! I think that was the issue after more testing.

If you copy that same text after making a change and you paste it as plain text it brings everything over. Sometimes when you copy and paste from other applications it brings over hidden characters that can cause issues in the Designer and the Editor.

If you need anything else, let us know!

Excellent @rileyrichter . I will make sure to avoid that in the future if I am tempted to do that and if I run into any additional problems that I can reproduce I’ll throw it in here to discuss further. This could be the root of some other problems I’ve had as well. Glad to know this is likely my problem.

Thanks again!


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