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Webflows been really buggy lately, anyone else?

Been using this since 2013, it’s been pretty buggy the past month or so. Anyone else experiencing this?

– certain pages won’t publish
– interactions don’t work after publishing



Didn’t notice these particular problem. Do you have a particular project with such behaviour or if it like that for all your projects?

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– the undo function isn’t undoing padding/margins
– changes in designer aren’t being published

im having a big issue with the embed widget right now

for example, everytime we embed this into a website we’re working on

"<iframe width="100%%" height="700px" src="" frameborder="0">"

It breaks the entire page for some reason when we view the published page.

I’m experiencing inability to edit text by double clicking in the designer with Chrome… Hoping it isn’t going to last :slight_smile:

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My undo functions have also been buggy. It used to be flawless but in the last two weeks I’ve had to stop using undo all together because it’s not consistent.

I thought it was maybe because I work on a large site (often pushing Webflow to its limits), but glad to hear its not just me.

I have the same issue right now in Firefox and Safari. Thought my iMac was tripping so I restarted. When I got back to the page I was editing everything suddenly was all messed up in the navigator pane: it shows content from another page. The page itself looked correct in the preview. Which makes it even weirder.

What’s going on, Webflow?

Same here

I’ve also been experiencing issues with the undo like everyone has mentioned — definitely annoying

Agreed, issues have been increased in the last few days especially, especially as of right now.

Cross browser issues:

  • embeds don’t retain modifications.
  • elements inner text are not selectable, selectable after going to preview mode and returning to designer—after a time the issue persists.

This is interfering with my business, hoping for a fix asap.

Same, we have upcoming client presentations and this is really slowing down things

  • Same, undo is not working correctly…
  • Can’t select span elements in text.
  • Navigator is buggy too with the layout, sometimes unable to scroll or select items…
  • Randomly can’t drag and drop images.
  • Width of elements changing while doing nothing in the editor.
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Can’t edit text blocks or rich text blocks in any project as of this morning.

With my companies team page… we cannot edit any project. Webflow what is going on now? Is there anyway to get faster support?

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Hello :wave:

We have identified the issue and are rolling out a fix. We expect this to be live within the next hour.
You may need to log out at around 930am PST and log back in again. We are also pushing a fix for the undo issue at the same time which may improve some undo behaviour.

If you continue to see issues, then please do not hesitate to let us know.

We will dig into this further to find out what happened, and how to avoid this issue again in the future.

Thank you all for your patience :webflow_heart:


Same here. Can not edit text. Have tried Chrome and Safari in two different Macbooks…

I’ve been having intermittent issues with undo for awhile as well.

as for your embed code, you have two percent signs for the width declaration. try removing one and see if that keeps the page from breaking.

Nope, even after removing that extra %… everything below the iframe seems to disappear on the published version of the page. i think its this iframe specifically, if i embed something else it seems fine

@AzaiStudios Maybe this sound silly, but maybe the page is blocked from being iframed by kaspersky itself?

hmm, not sure… they allow you to make a widget

I notice a couple of these as well, I find that a hard refresh (tab refresh) helps in one or two cases!

I’ve been coding and doing web designs for almost 4 years now. At the moment I’m experimenting with ReactJS and Google’s Material-UI. I’ve seen multiple ads of webflow and how it can really help speed up the process with clients that need simple quick websites made. I am pretty comfortable with HTML, Jade, CSS, Sass, JQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap and now learning ReactJS. Have any of you tried it before and if so, do you think it would help with freelancing small projects?