Direct Webflow Site to URL within existing site

Hi, I would like to know if it’s possible to create a site on Webflow and host it within a URL form my current site, that’s still online.

I have a current website (, and would like the new Webflow site I’m creating to be hosted on, for example, or

Is that possible? I know how to direct a Webflow site to a URL that’s not in use, but can I direct it to a subdomain of my current URL?


Hi, just to update my question. I found on the Webflow HowTo this information regarding pointing subdomains to a Webflow site:

"Update or add a CNAME record to any of your subdomains that you wish to point at your Webflow-hosted site:

​Host: my-subdomain
Points to:
​TTL: 300

NOTE: Subdomains only require a CNAME record and do not require A Records. Any additional A Records will conflict with your Webflow A records on the root domain.""

That part is clear, but will this work if only the subdomain is pointed at the Webflow site and the domain is still pointed elsewhere?

No, you cannot host a Webflow site within another site, but you can host it on a subdomain.

Hi Sam, thanks. Hosting it in a subdomain would be fine.

But I’m still not clear if I can do that considering that the root domain would still be hosting another site on another server.

From what I understand from the instructions, pointing the Webflow site to the subdomain (via CNAME record) would only be possible if the A Records of the root domain were also pointing to the Webflow IPs.

Then don’t use CNAME records for the subdomain.

You can also A record a subdomain entry to Webflow’s IP addresses.

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