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Wordpress blog on WebFlow hosted domain

Hello everybody,

I’m looking for a solution to this and I can’t seem to find one even if I read everything on this blog about this.

I have a WP blog:
I want to redirect this to my WF hosted site:

Is there a way to do this for free?

I actually have embed my blog but of course I want it to be on my domain to use the content for the SEO.

Thank for your help.

I don’t think you can forward a hosted domain.

I don’t use their hosting services though.

My domains come with Wordpress (self-hosted version).

You should be able to set the for webflow (as it is) and to your hosted wp site, if wp allows it. I know about possibilities but I have poor skills in domain names settings. Did you get your domain at a registrar or through wordpress? (do they only do that?)

Holly Molly look at this, seems you can

cool. You learn something new everyday.

So apparently… will allow you to map your domain to their 3rd level domain.

That would have to be through a CNAME.

Good to know.

Hmmm. Interesting. I am wondering if other blog sites like Blogger will allow this?

I found this set of instructions for Blogger (blogspot). I haven’t spent time looking at it in detail. I know the later part is written for users but I think the instructions apply equally to others.
What do you guys think?

Thank you! This can help. Just a question, if I have pointing to my wordpress blog, the content of my blog wont be (for google) in the webdivan domain is that right?

@Revolution I tried to do a self hosted server with Xampp but I’m stuck somewhere. Do you know a step by step guide to do this?

Thank you!

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@ollo - I don’t use XAMPP.

  • Most of my server CentOS (Linux) and Red Hat Linux.
  • For local development, I actually MAMP.