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Webflow proxy causing problems with dns propagation

Hey there,

we published on Monday.
The google indexing and page analytics complain heavily about the CSS file loading speed and the cascaded, many re-directs of webflow.

But the BIGGEST issue is, that our page still is not reachable from the US or random parts of the world as the dns resolution seems to constantly break. Never ever had I had this problem when I build up my pages and client shops. This is the first time we use webflow and the whole experience rightout sucks.
Service? Non-existent. We wrote to the support on tuesday and wednesday and thursday. We contacted them via twitter and discord. No reaction.

All host-side dns settings check out and are fine. A and Cname resolution from the host seems ok. It is the proxy of webflow that is likely causing the issues. For a premium account and 50EUR per month you would expect at least some influence over this or a support that reacts.

Our clients and investors complain still that they can still not open the site in a predictable manner.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I am just learning about DNS but this is what comes up:

The SOA record for the zone is required to be present in the primary Name Server and is not found.

SOA records are required whenever you or your host has more than one DNS server. If your website is only visible in your own country and sporadically in others, either the SOA is incorrectly set or there are multiple DNS servers.

My two cents…

hey there, thanks. Checked with Hosteurope and they claim all is set and fine. Must be a webflow issue.

When I test the pages there i get half of them at 100% package lost. completely timing out but resolving the page. Maybe the proxy from webflow?

  1. Disable SSL and try to send it through the regular webflow proxy (might take 2 hours to propagate)

  2. Setup a subdomain, point it to a folder on your hosting with just a hello index.html page, and see if you can access it from other areas. If you can access it from other countries, your hosting provides free SSL. Add a certificate and apply it to the subdomain only and then try to access it from any other country.

  3. If you can access the https subdomain from other countries, send the traceroute map/packet loss logs to webflow support (not the forum).

  4. If you cannot access the https subdomain reliably from other countries it is your host.

There is a simple solution, that costs very little. Transfer your domain to DNSMade Easy or another premium DNS service. You can still point your MX records and subdomains back to your hosting… It would save you a lot of hassle

I was curious about this problem so I dug a bit deeper. I don’t believe the problem is the webflow proxy.

I believe your dns zone is broken or stuck.

  1. Reset your zone (e.g. remove all settings/reset to server defaults)
    - I mean everything (yes even mx)

  2. Re-enter your MX, A and CNAMEs

  3. Make sure you have NS setup to server defaults (it looks like they are currently)

  4. To be on the safe side, an hour after you’ve made these changes, unpublish your webflow website, and republish it. Make sure the www variant of your domain is set to default in your webflow settings.

I checked your propagation and I am seeing random SOA failures.

Also, your TTL settings are all over the place. It’s not a huge deal, but I would standardize them if your web flow website is frequently changing (e.g. daily).

Hey Jordan, big thanks for digging in! I was at the bottom of places where I would check. Resetting everything would be my next step. I killed the nameserver, and switch to cloudflare dns. I think probably in a bunch of my domains as well. The second the nameserver is up again (this time from cloudflare with new mx and a records) I ping ya.

To get better at it checked the dns propagation multiple times. It randomly all chekcs or fails partially. I never had that as I thought, once your main zone is up to date (like from your isp node) it should trickle down to the other nodes within 48h on average. Usually all pages i have setup where available within far less then that. What do you think caused the random SOA weirdness? And do you know how I could trouble shoot smth. like it? Thanks a lot

Hey i am still processing the domain transfer for the main domain.
While doing so I re-routed eveything to one of our side domains: “
somehow there it seems all fine.
cloudflare is atesting also that the dns for are solid. Though it still is messed up in webflow. I am now looking to clear webflow’s cache. has mostly propagated (A & SOA). I can bring up the page properly in Canada, US and various other countries. has fully propagated.

In my experience, once you propagate from cloud flare, 75% of major services see the changes within 30 minutes & 95% within 3 hours. If you propagated it 6 hours ago, something is wrong.

SOA Weirdness and your question
I am not an expert but I believe it is improbable that your actions resulted in the dns zone file breaking.

Based on my research, the issue you experienced is fairly common. However, it usually resolves itself within 72 hours. The explanations I have found, are beyond my current level of expertise and are server side functions.

In my experience if it is a proxy or SSL problem, your browser will normally indicate the error. In your case, it indicated a DNS error because of the extra www infront of your name.

I use It is an awesome, all in one tool.