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Partial connectivity issues


we are having issues with the newly launched site. DNS and A records are all set and fine. Primary domain is pointed to secondary to root level.

One issue we see a lot is that our visitors simply can not reach the page. (error_name not resolved). That happens 1/4 instances.
The other issues is that it appears to try to open “” I have never seen this issue before.

Lastly we got heavy performance flaggs for webflow and some code errors.
But that is fine, we know what we will get when not building everything from the ground up but. But the conectivity issues are really bad. Time is of the essence and for a paid premium service only to offer the super basic e-mail chatbot “ADA” is just low.
We had a lengthy conversation with the webflow chatbot ADA which is so horribly configured that you simply can only choose between the problems that are also in the FAQ and their own manuals and tutorials. But a simple “i have CODE ERRORS in webflow” or “CSS files takes 3 seconds to load” will not bring you anywhere :wink:

any help is greatly appreciated.
Could you test page and let us know what you see?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Follow up: the website launched monday, TTL was set to an hour, host updated all servers and name server the same day. Especially on mobile many visitors can not open the pages.