Webflow native dynamic search and filter

Imagine this:

Ability to add dynamic filters

  • These buttons and inputs can be added only in the dynamic list wrapper, just like forms.
  • These elements will pull data only from the dynamic collection the dynamic list is bound to.
  • These elements don’t bind to fields, but to settings. Example:
  • The toggle switch is a filter setting that binds to switches.
  • The custom filter button is a filter setting that binds to a text field with a value the designer has specified, while
  • The custom value input allows the site visitor to add that value. And
  • The select element does the same but with references.
  • Sort by select buttons are sort order settings that bind any field that can be sorted.
  • These all will display the same settings we, the designers, use in the dynamic list settings in the right panel.
  • The search bar is the same search bar in the collection manager. It allows one to search as they type in the name field only

I would love to see that on Webflow!

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@Anna_Kelian great idea! This is called Faceted search (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faceted_search) and something we plan on building after we ship search.

Since this is a feature request and less feedback related can you post your comment on the wishlist? https://wishlist.webflow.com/ideas/OTHER-I-8


Please post wishlist items on https://wishlist.webflow.com