Dynamic Filtering Of a Dynamic List

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I’d love for users to be able to sort / filter specific categories on a page, and for Webflow to serve the relevant content on the page as a result.

Perhaps giving the end users control over which dynamic lists to feature on a page could be a way to accomplish this.

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i second this! it’d open up a whole new client base…

I third. I have a dynamic list of projects that I sort randomly but there are five project categories. Some people in my firm want our clients to easily filter out all but the projects/category they would be interested in. I’ve seen websites do this, not sure if webflow does.

Something like this would be cool!

By the way. It’s possible to implement isotope in webflow with custom code but not if you’re using dynamic elements, because you’re not able to add dynamically classes to the items based on their categories.

I figured out a way to do it using tabs. Each tab has the same dynamic list which filter to a dynamic category corresponding to the tab (also titled that category). It doesn’t have major transitions beyond the tab transitions I suppose, but still just as functional for my purposes!!!

+1 Dynamic filtering is something that is truly needed. The best would be to filter by using search field.

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+1 Filter by a selection from a drop down list.

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