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Search functionality

It would be nice to have a search option on webflow, especially for bigger projects with many pages.

I could imagine something like this:

  1. a searchinput-module, basically a preconfigured form with input and submit
  2. a searchresult-module which includes a headline like “X results for Keyword”, the result entries and a pagination

It would be great if we could also define the pages which will be searched. So we can do stuff like “search the wiki/help” in case we build something like this with webflow.

Edit: Oh, and you should propably also expand the link-selection, so we can select not only links for external urls, internal links and sections but link to search queries as well.

  • Yes, I really need this feature!
  • No, I feel that this is not as important as other items on the wishlist.

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Hey Tom, we currently use Swiftype for search in our documentation. I highly recommend it! Really easy to set it up with custom-designed Webflow forms too.


Hey Sergie, looks interesting indeed. I didn’t know that service before - actually wondered how you’ve done your search before I posted. I forgot to mention that. Thanks for thinking ahead. :smile:

Currently finishing a webflow homepage for a SaaS product we’re starting. We’re using Zendesk for ticketing and I’m currently building the helpdesk but their cms feels like working with a toaster compared to webflow.

Looking at your documentation page and remembering, I was thinking about building it with webflow instead. Only thing missing was the search.

Thanks for this! I was looking for kind of service has been ages!

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Hi @thesergie
thanks for suggesting Swiftype. Looks like something i could use on one of my Webflow sites.

Any chance i could get clarification of exactly how to implement it onto a given page on my site.
What is the correct way to enter the following code into your site.

    <input type="text" id="st-search-input" class="st-search-input" />

Create a new form, delete everything except one input field?? Or embed the above code as a HTML element??

Yeah create a new form, have just one input in there. Then add st-search-input as the id for the input that you want to be the search field like so:

Then add an embed with the appropriate script that swiftype requires for this type of integration.


Can Webflow interactions be used to create the side navigation menus shown here:

Hi @thesergie,

I created a new form leaving an input and changing the ID but always get a “Thank you, your submission has been received”. I embed the script in the same page. Is that correct?


Hey @thesergie,

How did you guys implement the “autofill dropdown” feature? Is it a separate div with a special ID or is it something else? I’d love to see a help article on swiftype integration, and I’m sure many others would too. :smile:


Put this is your form’s action to prevent webflow submitting the form.

It’s integrated that way at:

If you look at the code on that page, you’ll also find id="st-search-input" on the input field. That’s the id for swifttype’s javascript, which you can configure inside your swifttype account.

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Hello Sergie, I had a question about Swiftype. Specifically I have implemented Swiftype at the top of each of my pages in a custom input box. I would like to have Swiftype index the sections on the page by ID so It scrolls down the page to the related section. So far I can only get the search bar to take me to different pages in the site.

Hey @Scott_Van_Zandt I would ask Swiftype if you can assign keywords to specific IDs in the pages.

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Where do we embed the js code they provide?

Also how do I embed the html into my “form field” ?

Hi David, I used the embed widget to set up my Swiftype:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Hey @thewonglv Thanks the hangup I have is that is where to embed the dang HTML widget lol. When I do that ( within the form) I see and box but I can’t change the dimension of it. So is it supposed to be a hidden element? also where do would I embed the actual js script they give you. Here’s my site: When I publish it I get no results or actions so I must have it set up wrong :-/ . THANK YOU

+1 for this idea.

Now that we have a great CMS a native search function would be amazing. :smiley:


Are there any plans to add native search functionality to the frontend of Webflow sites? It looks like Swiftype has been the common suggestion for a while now but at $19 per month for their lowest tier, it seems cost prohibitive to some smaller websites. This seems especially true if all you are looking for is simple blog post search functionality.

As and alternative, I have looked into Google Custom Search as a free solution. The problem is that they provide limited styling options making it more difficult to visually integrate into your designs. That, and the free tier is ad supported. To remove ads, you must pay $100/year.

It seems kind of strange that this feature is absent. I would love to hear some more insight on this from Webflow. Particularly whether we can expect this at a future feature release.


are you considering to add Search box to webflow ?


Swiftype is not currently offering the PRO plan anymore, the basic plan starts now from 249$/month.
So does anybody know any alternatives??? @thesergie