Ability to support nested filtering (cascading filter of dynamic data)

Guys, can i create more filters at once?
Maybe diffucult to explain, but when you see the website, you will see what i mean.
And hereby a video with my question:
Video question

We are selling trailers, and i want to filter on an brand, and after that on a category, or even size.
So that the results are less and less… is that possible?

Here’s a link to the website: www.schuur4.nl

Here is my public share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/avb-wieringerwerf?preview=16035b4d3353672a0d2d25be0a3b1809


Hi @Koen, thanks for the great question :slight_smile: This is a really good idea, but cascading filters or nested filters to keep drilling down to less and less data is not yet supported. I really like this idea though, and have turned this into a wish list item for the engineers to take a look at.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks Dave, i did not know that you call them Cascading en Nested filters. :wink:
I am pretty sure they will come, because you all are going so fast!

Hi @Koen, I think I just made up those terms :wink: I would call it a nested filter, or cascading filter, to continue to filter the reduced data set, is that correct? We’ll get there together :slight_smile:

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It are the perfect names for this solution!
And yes, that exactly what i mean.

Together we are strong! Its the force! :wink:

And lets continue:
Filters with in a dropdown, Filters with a Tag option, so you can reduce more and more… Filters with a price or number from and till. (also with a slider) Filters with a radiobutton, Filters with a Checkbox (and yes, please give us some more Checkbox options.

From till (and also a slider would be nice for this)

Checkbox (and please give us (designers) our own checkbox! :wink:


Checkbox 2

Radio button (custom design to?!?)

Tag’s nr. 1
and after clicking

Tag’s (this is so and so good… :wink:

And the best idea: if you sort on more items, there is a TAG element, with all this tags… where you can delete a tag!


This is something I’m asking for since release of the cms. Really would be a big plus if we would have this!


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