Site search beta discussion

Site search is now in beta! For full details, check out our release notes.

And as always, we appreciate feedback, so feel free to let us know what you think below, or fill out this survey once you’ve experimented with search.


Yeeeesss !!! :smile::smile::smile:


Now you can catalogue your best recipes, Chef @StuM!


Hahaha, think I need a new avatar with chef hat tbh !


Great News. I’ve already added it to my site. I do have a question though. Can we limit the search to just title and not the snippit?

Thanks again for the great update.


OMG I hit refresh and BAM, it’s like christmas


Can’t wait to try it!

Great news, you may find the answer here

Up and running on our site :slight_smile:


Please could we have a block of code or something to be able to exclude something on page from search results.

We have links listed at the bottom of each page and I dont want those to be included in the search results, only the contents of the page, the meta data, title etc

Good job guys! Does this bring us closer to ajax faceted search for CMS items (checkbox filtering/price sliders etc) which is what we’re really hoping for for listing style sites or does the chosen search solution limit this line of functionality development?


Look to towards the bottom of this guide on how to exclude pages

thanks dude, yeah its a great job to see it live. What I mean is specific components on the page, rather then entire pages.

There is no way to refine the search algorithm currently, I assume that would come later.

Hey @laveritalondon. You can exclude any element from the search index by checking this option in settings.


ah amazing. So I can put stuff in that block and exclude it. Awesome!


Yay!!! Excited to jump into this new service. Now I can shut down (eventually) the swiftype service I’m paying for (and loving).

The link in the Add Element Panel links to a 404, btw.
It links to this:
instead of ‘site-search’, I think.

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Thanks for the heads up Luke! Pushing a fix for that soon.

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Yeah @MODBrian you can delete any of those elements. If you want them back drop a text element in and bind it like you would with CMS collection lists.


Loving this so far, nice work. Quick question. Can you change the inner text drop down list? Currently I have 4 options - none, page url, search title & snippet. Is there a way you can include additional ones?

@RoseWebStudio Right now, these are the only options in the drop down list. What other ones would you like to add and why?