Webflow down? – Can't access WF Dashboard anymore

I cannot access the Webflow Dashboard anymore. When I click on Dashboard it shows an empty page and after a minute the error message “Oops, looks like something went wrong” or something like this pops up.

I can still access the other pages like Marketplace, University, etc.

Do you guys have the same problem?


Same issue here. Just a white screen when I load the dashboard.

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Same here. Guess Webflow is telling me it’s 2am & time for sleep :rofl:

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Same here. Just sent a message to support.

Same thing. But first, we noticed our navbar component acting up for no apparent reason…

webflow is not loading… again ?

argh! This is bad! Im on tight deadline and this…

Not loading the dashboard and sites at all :frowning:


it is hard to describe the anxietey of seeing all my website absolutely gone from my dashboard :frowning:

Thats just probably caused by this downtime soo annoying :unamused:

This really sucks.

I’ve been promoting Webflow to my developer community (mostly WP-developers) with stability and performance as key arguments.

I am travelling right now and I’ve had two stops where my plan was to finish a website. The first was on the 14th and the second one today…

This is unacceptable for this kind of platform.

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Yup - it’s dead for me (in UK) too :frowning_face:

Thanks everyone for the heads up. I’m sending this to the team to get updates on this.

UPDATE: I can confirm that the team is looking into this. I’ll have updates soon.

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Is there anyone experiencing the same? My Webflow designer is not loading it gets stuck on the loading screen and there seem to be no issues with the server??

@Mark_Sanchez - It is always best to check the status.webflow.com website before posting to see if there is a degradation or outage of the service. If everything is green, then you are likely experiencing a localized issue. When debugging, make sure not to have any browser extensions running to ensure they are not a source of the problem.


I’m still having issues. Designer is loading very slowly, as is the main Dashboard view, and it’s not letting me navigate between collection items whilst editing the page template. Publishing also taking forever.


i’m also having issues loading my workspaces

I have checked status first, it is the first time that it happens to me in 2 years, and it has been on and off for today which was very strange, will just check on it again tomorrow. But thanks for assisting @webdev

Webflow extremely slow to load, publish etc. right now. Just a moment ago it even said “Unable to publish”

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I have the same issue