Webflow Dashboard/Designer/Editor loading slowly (Oct 11, 2022)

Hi there, this is really affecting client work which is due end of day today. Yesterday was totally disrupted too. I’m getting this error “429 Too Many Requests”

Really bad to see this happening, I’m having to make excuses without saying the truth so that the client doesn’t lose faith in using Webflow for the rebuild of their site which was with Wordpress before.

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I can’t use it either

Same here /// 429 to many requests

To add more detail – When I do get into the Designer, everything is super slow and unreliable. The CMS won’t save when I’m adding new or updated content and the client is losing work added via the editor

same here, I’ve lost hours of work already as it couldn’t connect / save the changes :confused:

I’m having the same problem, I lost hours of work yesterday and now got the same problem today! I can’t believe all the price hikes and how the system is getting slower and more unreliable. Day by day I feel like I need to find an alternative.


Exactly what happened over here…
I was scheduled to finish a client work last week, couldn’t transfer the site. Now finally got help from support with that and now I cannot finish the work :smiley:

Same thing here. Oh boy, what a perfect timing, since today’s the day I really need to make a site transfer to a client. :melting_face:

Same here :sos::sos::sos::sos::sos::sos::sos::sos::sos::sos::sos::sos: what do we do??

For me I log in and the dashboard just infinitely loads no error message or anything. Tried opening up a private browser also same thing and from another computer.

They locked the old thread saying it’s fixed when it’s clearly not. Not sure about the logic there as that would be the ideal place for users to report on their fix not working?

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same here - lots of problems today

Changes can’t be saved :confused:

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Problems have usually been addressed fairly quickly by Weblow, but the ongoing Dashboard/Designer degradation that has now been lasting for more that 24 hours will quickly turn critical for my business if this is the new normal. Webflow has to resolve these issues, both in the short and long term. New features is nice and all, but a stable system has to be the fundament that all new features is build on!


Yes it’s been sluggish and publish times are long, victims of their own success I guess. This whole move to Workspaces is what I suspect it’s hard to test something at scale and rearchitecting the product comes with inherent risk of destabilizing it.


Regarding current issues with Designer / Dashboard:

Ok, so I fully expect technical issues from time to time, it’s unavoidable and poop happens. But, PLEASE, PLEASE be more transparent with an issue when it arises rather than the ambiguous status updates.

Two days without proper Designer access and no explanation is a ball ache, especially given the recent jump in prices.


Totally agree ‘we are investigating’ isn’t a reasonable statement one day after problems started and your product is effectively offline


Hi there,

What a disapointment, I used to be excited to open webflow… I am now scared to work on it as I know performances have become so sluggish in recent weeks / months.

What is happening ?

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