Webflow dashboard not loading


Hope you all are doing well. Im not sure in which category to post this, so i will just leave it here. So ive had a problem all day where dashboard isnt loading. I just paid my freelancer plan, but its still the same. Here is a screenshot:

Any help would be appriciated.

Thanks in advance!


Was working on my website all week and today out of nowhere my Dashboard stopped loading.

First the dashboard loads for about 1 minute and then it seems to load but there are no sites and i can’t create any new sites either… I hope my site is not lost!

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Same, not only dashboard but I also can’t open my project, there is loading bar but it stops and nothing happens. When i try to reload the page same thing happens

Designer doesn’t load either

I’m experiencing the same. Time for a coffee break while the Webflow team work out what’s gone wrong :see_no_evil:

Same problem here. I got logged out many times too, today and yesterday.

Same. Dashboard very slow to load. Sites don’t open in designer at all.

Seems to be fixed now.

Sorry, spoke too soon. Got a site to load but it’s still very slow.

Hi everyone,

Aron from Webflow here, we had an incident earlier today that should now be resolved. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

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Would that be the case today as well?

Yea my dashboard is not loading also - worked fine yesterday when I shut down for the day.

I cleared the data in chrome for the site and I am good now.

Hi, I’m having the same problem. Cleared the data of the site and now when I try to log in, nothing happens when I push the “Log in” button. Also nothing happens when I try to sign in with Google.

New user here. I logged in and it is stuck without loading the dashboard. Is there some ongoing issue?

Same problem, I cant log in, no dashboard, no log in screen, I need to finish my work

@craftsmen22 - Check status.webflow…com and if there are no open issues then try default debugging from your local browser instance. Use a supported browser with no plugin/extensions and no local connectivity issues, clear cache and try again. If that does not resolve your issue then open a ticket with support and go from there.

same issue! Dashboard takes forever, cant restore or publish, designer loads up to 25% then nothing.

I’m facing the same issue,anyone have solution for this…